It's been almost a whole year, but I've finally written another article. If you're curious, it explains why I don't like roguelikes.


SkyBlazer has been added to the review section. I hope everyone had a good Christmas.


Super Mario Bros. Deluxe has been added to the review section. I feel like there's a joke to be made here, but I got nothing.

I got the Cloud and Midgar DLC for Smash just now, plus all those silly costumes. I'm pretty happy about Cloud's inclusion, but man, I sure have spent a lot of money on DLC this year. I hate spending money.


Tetris and Dr. Mario is the 250th game added to the review section. This is a little anticlimactic for the 250th review, but it is what it is.


Dr. Mario 64 has been added to the review section. If you've got the flu, then go see Dr. Mario.

For the last two years, I wrote an article listing my top five Nintendo games of that year. I was going to continue that tradition, but unfortunately, I didn't play enough of this year's Nintendo games to do a top five article on them. In fact, I haven't played enough of this year's games to do any such article, Nintendo or otherwise. As far as modern games go, I only played three this year: Metal Gear Solid V, Super Mario Maker, and Yoshi's Woolly World. I suppose if I were to pick one of these as my game of the year, I'd go with MGSV, but that's only because my options are limited. I guess I'm just some kind of weirdo who doesn't play new games that much anymore. What a surprise, right?

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