Got a review up for Legendary Starfy. Oh, and Michael Jackson died.


I offer the civilized world a review of Super Punch-Out!!, late as always.

E3 came and went this year, with boring proceedings all around. That is, boring until Nintendo announced Super Mario Galaxy 2 and a new Metroid game by the name of Other M. Yes, you heard right: Super Mario Galaxy 2. That alone is rather unprecedented for the big N. There's never been two main 3D Mario platform games on a single console before. I can see why they decided to change their ways for Mario Galaxy, perhaps one of the finest Mario games of all time. As for the new Metroid, it's being handled by Team Ninja and seems to be more focused on third-person platforming. It'll also take a deeper look at the story hinted at in Metroid Fusion, the one with Samus' computer love interest. Yes, that's right: Samus has a machine fetish.

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