No, you aren't crazy; the site has been undergoing design changes again. It's mostly due to my tinkering nature. Nothing's final, as always. Things may change at the drop of a hat, completely without notice. Be prepared for the worst.

What will likely remain the same, are the changes I've made that will likely go undiscovered by most visitors of this site. To be more precise, I've finally gone ahead and updated the code so that it will validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional. That may sound like nonsense to you (and it is), but it means that the site is a bit more "professionally" coded now. So if a web designer took a glance at my code, they may not laugh too much.

I've been playing Assassin's Creed. It's sort of a cross between Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, and Prince of Persia (the 3D trilogy). Granted, it doesn't achieve perfection in all of those categories, but it does well enough to be enjoyable. While it is a fun game, my thoughts are more so dominated by the prospect of being able to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl on February (unless it's delayed yet again). I can't wait, can you?


So I've obtained all the stars in Super Mario Galaxy. I think I'm more than qualified to say a little something about this game. I'll try to keep things brief by saying just this: Super Mario Galaxy is the best 3D Mario platformer out there, and likely the best 3D platformer in the history of video gaming. I'm sure everyone has already heard this comparison, but it's the Super Mario Bros. 3 of the 3D Mario games. Of course, for most people, this isn't anything new. It's been made a fact across the entirety of the Internet that this is far above and beyond your usual Mario game. At this point, my only concern is how they'll top this one. I mean, where will they go from here? How do you top the ultimate 3D platformer of all time? Perhaps they won't. Perhaps, this is it. Regardless, you should get Mario Galaxy.


Yep, another review. This time it's of Mega Man X2. My plan to play Fire Emblem had been momentarily delayed, so I decided to use a bit of my spare time to write another review. I've gone ahead and done the obvious by creating a blank template for reviews, so that it'd be easier for me to throw them together. Still, they prove to be very time-consuming, as I have to come up with stuff to say and I take all the screenshots myself. Further, I even write little comments for each screenshot. It's a process consisting of two parts; when both are done consecutively, much time is taken up. I now have the new Fire Emblem, so I predict that there won't be updates for a little while.


You guessed it: another review. I've been playing the newly released Mega Man ZX Advent, which got me in the mood. In other, more exciting news, Super Mario Galaxy is nearing its release date. While not as exciting, I'll be busy with the new Fire Emblem (for the Wii) until then.

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