The impossible just took place: I've written another review. I've recently played Front Mission: Gun Hazard for the Super NES. As such, I decided to go ahead and review the game. It wasn't an easy review for me to make, but I trust that you will read it. If you don't, then I will kill your dog.


So in addition to all of the ROM sets being up and running, the music section is back as well. While uploading all of the music, I decided to add a few soundtracks: Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VIII, IX, and X. I'd like to remind you that the music section of this website is home to MP3 files of entire game soundtracks. There will be none of that midi nonsense here.


Everything is back up and functional. I couldn't get the domain registrar to redirect my domain name to the server with the ROMs, so eventually I just caved in and used a frame to do it myself. Truth be told, I should have simply done that from the beginning. I'm honestly not sure why I didn't. So yes, this means all of the ROMs should be in working order. Now get to it.


The ROMs are down for a bit. They'll be back up once I can get the blasted domain name to forward itself properly.

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