A bunch of Nintendo 64 and PlayStation plugins are up, along with the Game Gear ROM set. I got rid of the ridiculous midi music section and replaced it with an mp3 music section that will house such things as official game soundtracks. I currently have the original soundtrack or OST for Final Fantasy IV, V, VI, and VII.


Ladies and gentlemen, the entire Nintendo 64 ROM set is online and ready for download. Now every linked ROM set is up and running. As I said before, the next phase of the current plan is to add and update a bunch of emulators and plugins. We're going to have enough to put fright even to the likes of a website like Zophar's Domain. Further down the line, I've been thinking about redoing the music section by replacing all of the terrible midis with mp3s from official game soundtracks. However, I'm afraid I won't be able to have nearly as many mp3s as midis. That has to do with the bigger file sizes, you see. I'm instead planning to simply include the ones that are likely to be sought for the most. By the way, the BIOS section is up and running, too. It's not just a test link anymore.


The entire Atari 2600, Atari Jaguar, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, NeoGeo Pocket, NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Master System, and Sega Genesis ROM sets are online. The only set lacking from what you can see of the links to the left is the Nintendo 64 set. Fear not, for it will be up later.

As you may have noticed, the site has undergone a heavy redesign. I got rid of that repulsive frame. This new design is a bit more modern in style, aside from the SNES sprites and backgrounds. This marks the third time my site has undergone such a heavy redesign, so I shall dub this design Gamers' Tavern 3.0, or something to that effect. Most of the site is now functioning with php, thus you idiots won't have to refresh as often to view updated content. There are still a few more pages I intend to put up, but as of now, most of the pages that have links to them are functional. This includes the entire emulators section, which is horrendously outdated. Well, that about sums it all up. I'm planning to finally update my emulators section and add a multitude of plugins in the future.


The entire NES, SNES, GBx, Sega Genesis, and 32X ROM sets are up. In addition to that, the site is still being modified heavily, so don't be afraid to press that refresh button. Here's something to take note of: the 32X ROMs are included with the Sega Genesis ROM set I've uploaded, so I'll be eliminating the 32X section to avoid further confusion. I've actually gotten far more ROMs up than this site has ever witnessed. It's all thanks to my kind friend who provides me with free server space. Some of that thanks goes to the GoodMerged sets I've uploaded that use 7zip to its fullest effect. The amount of space those GoodMerged sets save is immense. If you're not into the emulation scene, then you likely have no idea what the last sentence was about. I won't bother to explain it, either.

While no one may care, the emulator, music, and gallery sections should be up. There might be some errors here and there, so be certain to refresh often. The only section that isn't fully fuctional right now is the archive, which I'll be getting to later. Other than that, things seem to be going along quite smoothly.

Before it slips my mind, be sure to sign up to the official mailing list. By signing up to the above mailing list, you'll receive an e-mail whenever this site updates. Pretty simple, right? I've gone out of my way in to do such a thing because I realized that most people would have to refresh the front page to see the latest news post. The mailing list will hopefully minimize the amount of refreshing we need around here.


The entire NES, SNES, and GBx ROM sets are up. Additionally, the site has received some heavy modifications, and will continue to do so for a while. Because of this, it is recommended that you refresh the pages often. If you don't know what a ROM set is, it's essentially every ROM known to man for that particular system. That's right; every single ROM, including the different languages. They're all in the 7zip format, which decompresses in WinRAR. If you don't have WinRAR, then you're an idiot. The way the ROMs are set up is that every language release is contained in the same 7zip file. For example: Super Mario World.7z contains every language release for the Super Mario World ROM at the file size of a single one. That's pretty nifty, eh? On top of that, my friend has created a few fancy PHP scripts that automatically link all of the ROMs. It's a shame I didn't have something like this a few years ago, back when I stayed up late to manually link hundreds of ROMs. If you're wondering, this is the same friend of mine who allows me to use his server for free.

Anyway, a lot of the site currently isn't operational, but that will change in due time. Just keep hitting refresh like the faithful little fanboys you are. It'd be nice if someone posted on the forums, too. And yes, I'm planning to upload the full N64 ROM set. There's something to look forward to, right?


Things are looking up, indeed. A friend of mine offered to host the site on his fabulous server for free with unlimited bandwidth. Not only that, but the site has been loading at a pretty nice speed, too. It's my hope that this will be a more permanent solution to my hosting woes, so that my site won't be going down every ten minutes. Anyway, I am quite thankful for this opportunity.

It's likely that as of the time this update goes up, no one will see it due to the domain name taking its sweet time to do the whole forwarding thing. I knew switching the DNS could take time, but forwarding? I expected that to be instant. I attempted the forwarding at an earlier date with a different host, and nothing happened for several days; this is longer than it normally takes to switch DNS servers. Topple this with the fact that my registrar insists on placing an ad frame if I don't shell out 50 dollars in ransom money, and you have a rather upset domain name owner. What it all entails to is that I may switch over to a different domain name registrar. That's going to further delay things. I'll put everything else on hold until then.

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