The site is back, but the ROMs are still down. I've found another host, one that supposedly has unmetered bandwidth and space. However, the max file size per file can be only 250KB, so this obviously won't work too well for the ROMs. Moving on, I'm sure you've noticed the recent surge of pop-ups invading the site. No, I haven't sold out. It's merely one of this host's requirements. I usually don't condone pop-ups on my website, but I don't have any choice now. Not until I find another host, at least.


Currently, the entire site is down. This and the forums are the only things up. You read that right; this is the only page up at the moment. I won't go into too much detail right now, but suffice to say, the last host has failed me. I decided to upload the bare essentials to a temporary host for the time being, and this is the result. I won't be uploading anything more until I can find another free host that won't mess up. If you wish to offer server space or know of a quality free host, then e-mail me about it.

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