The SNES, Sega Genesis, and 32X ROM sections are all back up and running. All of the other ROMs are currently down. I'm still working on the rest of the ROMs, little by little, so there is still hope. I'm unfortunately going to cut this news post short, because I have other things to do.


As you may have already noticed, the website's design has gone through quite a large change this time around. I've been tweaking it until I ended up with something that could satisfy my overly sophisticated tastes. It took me some Google searching to find all the code that I needed to for this new design. I most likely don't need to specify what I've done, but I'll do so anyway in case you're too moronic to figure it out yourself: to the left, you shall witness a greatness achieved by my hand, and my hand only. It's known as a frame, you see. In that frame, I've placed all of the navigational links that you will require to traverse the various areas of the site. I'm quite proud of that piece of work, background included. You do know that I ripped and altered that background myself, right? It's a neat background, and it works for what I'm going for. Unfortunately, I had to remove the various tavern images that would change depending on the time of day. I've instead replaced them with big sprites from the various Sonic games on the Sega Genesis. These sprites also change depending on the time of day, so be on a look out for that. Beyond this, I don't plan any more drastic changes to the site's design. Not for now, anyway...

I realize that none of you are posting on the forums, and this saddens me greatly. Not really, but I'll pretend like it does. I'll politely ask you all to give a friendly post or two. So let's change the subject; I've been playing video games. It's just something I do, you see. I've played so many games since the last time I spoke about them, that I won't be able to tell you all of my gaming exploits. In fact, due to what can only be described as utter laziness, I won't even go into any detail about the game I'm currently playing through. I will say a few things, however: I'm playing Tales of Legendia. So far I haven't enjoyed the battle system as much as in the previous Tales games, specifically Symphonia. Despite that, I think the character development is really good this time around. Most of the characters are rather... interesting, to say the least. It's a great leap from the mind numbingly boring Lloyd and company from Symphonia; that much is certain. In all seriousness, the characters in Symphonia were almost all incredibly horrid, with hideous personalities and very little in the way of character development. As of now, Legendia is suffering from the cliche and ho-hum syndrome. I feel like too much of the plot is familiar and mundane. I know RPGs have been copying of off each other for eons now, but I'm really beginning to tire of it. I'm still too early in the game to give final words on that, but the beginning certainly isn't very interesting.

I've gone through Kingdom Hearts 2 already. I found the game to be quite enjoyable, indeed. All of the old school Disney and Final Fantasy cameos tend to make me happy. Perhaps a little too happy, at times... and hey, it's an action RPG. You don't see those often enough. That's the end of that, then. You can go away now. Please, your presence is bothersome.


I take some of what I said about Tales of Legendia back. It's true that things start off slow for a little too long, but once you get into the meat of the adventure, there are many interesting plot twists that tend to keep you on the edge of your seat. So the game has great characters with good development, solid plot with lots of twists, and some very inspired music. There's some humor, too. I'd say this one is worth checking out.


So it seems that I've actually kept my promise about the whole review thing. I've just added a brand new, never before seen review, written by yours truly. It's not my best work, but I got it up in quite a rush. Perhaps I may revise it someday like the other reviews, but I doubt I'll do that anytime soon. Despite not doing that great of a job, I feel as if I didn't do too terribly, either.

You'll notice that I removed the entire "genres" thing. I did it because I wasn't too happy with the direction that was going. Genres exist to define the game, and not the other way around. Because of that, there just isn't a plausible way for me to define each genre, especially with how there are so many unique games out there that try to spice things up by creating their own genre or mixture of genres. I'm safely announcing the complete and utter abandonment of this idea I had flying around in my mind. Ah well, they can't all be winners.

Aside from the EarthBound Zero ROM that I've specifically uploaded for my review, I haven't added anything more beyond that. I'm still planning to get the NES and Genesis sections up, however, so do not fret. I'm just being really lazy about the whole thing. Speaking of laziness, I've been constantly tweaking various parts of the site's design. So if you see anything that looks a bit off, then try refreshing the page. No amount of refreshing will get back the N64 ROMs, though. Instead, click here to access countless N64 ROMs.

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