Here's something that may surprise you: most of the SNES ROMs are back up. It took me a while to alter the links and such, but we finally have some ROMs to download again. I originally didn't intend on doing this, but then I realized that the SNES section isn't too large, and going through it wouldn't be a big hassle. This is more so true with most of the other ROM sections, in fact. Don't bet on N64 ROMs any time soon, but I'll most likely get the Genesis and NES sections up next.

I've been thinking about re-doing many sections of the site, and one idea I have is to remodel the ROM sections. Instead of merely listing the name of every ROM in alphabetical order, I've thought about adding filesizes and what language the ROM is in, and perhaps more details if I can think of them. Of course, that would suggest that I'd have to do more work, and I'm too lazy for that.

I know I promised that there would be more reviews written by me, but that hasn't come to fruitation just yet. I'm not sure when I'll get around to making another review, but I'm hoping to do another one eventually. The key word here being "eventually."

In other news, Mother 3, or EarthBound 2 if you prefer the unofficial title, has been released in Japan. This is truly a good thing, and things this good don't tend to come often. Unfortunately, whether we'll get an official release here in the states remains to be seen...


There have been a lot of updates to the review section. I've divided the official reviews from the contributed ones. This means there are now two separate sections, so hopefully none of you morons will get confused. As for that idea which I brought up in the last news post; I'm not certain if we're going through with it. It's still up in the air, so don't get your hopes up. I've talked to someone else, who isn't my cohort, about various other ideas, as well. Right now, the only thing you should expect with any sort of certainty are more reviews. I said this before: I'm now accepting review contributions, so if you wish to contribute, simply read the rules under "contact me" and send me an e-mail. As long as you abide by the necessary rules, I'll post your review on the site. Along with the contributions, I'm hoping to write up a bit of a storm myself, so perhaps the review content of the site will finally be worth mentioning.

Right now, the ROM situation isn't very good. As I mentioned previously, re-linking all of the ROMs will take a lot of work that I'm not willing to do at the moment. Not to mention the fact that the host I'm on now doesn't have much bandwidth to support it. This doesn't mean that the ROMs will never return, however. I might try to at least get a few of the basic ROM sections up, but don't expect N64 ROMs any time this century. Currently, I have a ROM up for every review I've written except for GBA games, and I'm going to continue that trend. Whether I'll upload the rest is a mystery that won't be resolved right now. I'm going to attempt a slow process of uploading a few ROMs every now and again.

As for the forums... well, they're up. Unfortunately, I can't bring back the old forums or any of their posts, or even the skin. The reason is simple: I have the current forums up on a different free host, one that specializes in hosting forums. These are currently the only forums we'll be getting for quite some time. I may try to make them look better by manipulating the colors or something, but beyond that, there isn't much I can do. If you registered before, you'll have to register again.

Everything is in a mess right now, but at least Gamers' Tavern is on the Internet. That's the important part, right?


SoundTest: Ness is naked in Magicant.
SoundTest: They changed it for the U.S. game.
SoundTest: I guess that's understandable.

EasyMode: That's one thing I'm thankful they censored.

SoundTest: Then there's Poo.
SoundTest: Poo's parents must have hated him, because no one would name their child after bowel excrement.
SoundTest: It's not even Pooh.

EasyMode: Hahahaha!

EasyMode: I think Crap would have been better.

SoundTest: His parents aren't even in the game.
SoundTest: I think that indicates something.

EasyMode: They were smart to leave.
EasyMode: Before someone critisized their son's name.
EasyMode: Or perhaps he would have took care of them himself.

SoundTest: They named him after feces, and then left him in an alleyway in China Town.

EasyMode: He WAS a kung foo master wasn't he?
EasyMode: By kung foo I mean kung fu, of course.

SoundTest: No, you mean kung poo.

EasyMode: Ah.

SoundTest: Or rather...
SoundTest: Flung poo.

EasyMode: Now that's just wrong.
EasyMode: Yet funny.

If the above confused you, then let me explain. Here at the site, I've been going over things with my cohort and we are planning something. Nothing is set in stone yet, but you may know me as SoundTest and my cohort is EasyMode, because he's a pansy. Bow down to your new, unholy masters! Yes, we're casually ripping off Arch Nacho and Tortilla Godzilla's unique, comedic approach to reviewing games and ranting. Will it work? Only the sands of time will tell. By the way, I updated my Sonic the Hedgehog CD review. Then I added another one of my cohort's reviews, this time one he did of Metroid Fusion. There has been a lot of activity recently, wouldn't you say?


The site is back up as you can plainly see. By some miracle or other, I've found a free host on the Internet that might not completely suck. For some reason, this host doesn't permit files with spaces, so that means I can't upload any of the ROMs I have right now. That's unfortunate, right? Of course, if I spent a few sleepless nights renaming and re-linking several hundred ROMs, it's definitely possible. However, I don't do that sort of thing anymore, so you're out of luck.

As for the good news, I've finally rewritten and redesigned the Super Mario World review. It's been completely rewritten and even most of the coding has changed. It might be worth a look if you've been eagerly awaiting a decent review on the site. I'm pretty satisfied with that review, so there are no more changes planned for it right now.

In other related news, I've now begun accepting review contributions. First up is a review written by my cohort about Super Smash Bros. Melee for the GameCube. You might want to read it. If you have any reviews that you'd wish to contribute to the site, simply drop me a line. I hope you can figure out how to do that. If you somehow are moronic enough to not see the "contact" link to the left, then you obviously don't deserve to e-mail me.

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