Just a short post to inform you all about the obvious changes that have taken place with the main menu, yet again. As you can see, I was worried that most of you would be too stupid to figure out how to access the forums and such without direct links in an immediately obvious spot. So I made it a sort of double box. The top should be for the "advanced" fellow, who may wish to immediately find a location he has in mind, while the bottom is for the "dumb" fellow, who has absolutely no idea why he's here. I think it works out well.

Then I noticed how empty the new part of that box is, and decided to take action. The action, as you can see, is a Bowser sprite. Personally, I see this new main menu as a complete success. It looks good, is easy to use, and took a mountain of code to fabricate. You better enjoy it.

As for my last post... it may just be that not all hope is lost, but I wouldn't bet on it. Let's just sit back and see, shall we?


Thus, the legacy of the Gamers Tavern ends here. I have spoken to the grand master, Bishi, and he kindly informed me that I cannot expand the bandwidth and space allowance for my site unless I shell out some cash. A reasonable thing to say, considering he has to pay for the bandwidth that I'd be using freely, which can get pretty expensive with this type of site. Therefore, not all the Nintendo 64 ROMs are up; only half of them are there. Considering I don't have enough space left, I can't upload anymore ROMs. That's not all, however; I only get 20 gigabytes of bandwidth per month. Considering I was unable to host the N64 ROMs with 250 gigabytes of bandwidth before, I can only see failure ahead. In fact, 20 gigabytes of bandwidth transfer probably isn't even enough for the SNES ROMs and Genesis ROMs. So that's it, really. There's nothing more I can do now. We're all doomed. Oh well, at least the site and forums are up, though that won't really matter when the site will be out of bandwidth 90% of the time.

I currently don't have an alternative to the great Bishi's mighty server, so we'll just have to go by this rule: don't download stuff, okay? Only do it if you find it to be extremely necessary. Such as your family being murdered in front of your very eyes. That's when you should initiate an emergency ROM download from the local Gamers Tavern. It might just save your life.

No one knows that the site is up at the moment, so there is no one downloading. That means my bandwidth won't be going down for a while. In that "while," my site will be up. The minute my site gets known by the regular populace; that's when it'll be down 80% every month. So the few of you that are here (absolutely no one) should enjoy the solitude while you still can.


There have been quite a few changes around here. First off, the NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GG, and Sega Genesis ROM sections have been entirely restored to their original states. Yes, that's right; the Game Gear section has made a welcoming return! All of these ROMs are up and ready for the articulate downloader. There are, of course, a few errors here and there, so don't expect everything to be absolutely perfect. Those errors, I do know most of them, but it would still aid me if you were to e-mail me about them. There are always those errors that slip through the cracks (though with me, that is nigh impossible). These errors are few and far between, so it shouldn't outright hinder you. Not all of you, anyway.

Now, on to phase two: the forums are back! Well, not really "back;" it's more like, "remade." I am using entirely different (and, in my opinion thus far, better) software for the forums this time around, so hopefully that will suffice. If you're mad with anticipation, the link to the forums is found on the "main" drop down box. It's not too difficult to figure out, though I might add in some direct links for those of you who are unable to figure out the mysteries of this drop down box phenomenon. I do advise you to get used to that box, because it is actually quite butt kicking, if I do say so myself. Well, I guess. I'm not really sure. It took me hours upon hours of coding, so it better be kicking some form of butt, hopefully a butt of high caliber. High calibur butt; the big guns.

The forums are up, but there is a little something missing from them; a decent skin. The current skin is quite terrible, and I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it would inspire millions to go on a murderous rampage. The government sure needs something like that now, don't you agree? There is a problem with that whole "getting a better skin" thing, though: I would require the aid of the same man who created my previous forums skin. There are two problems with that. Firstly, he has gone missing again. I have only seen him a select few times; all of these times took place when the site and forums were down, so I simply did not have much to say to him. Secondly, it is quite possible that he simply won't stand for freely offering his leet skillz in creating another skin for me, especially when you consider the fact that it is mostly my fault that we lost the old forums and old skins almost entirely (the little that remained appeared to be useless...). I personally think there is a lot at stake here (new skin), and it certainly is riding on a shaky shoulder (author of previous skin would probably cut my arm off with a mostly blunt spoon), but there is still hope! A silver lining! Well... not really, I lied; there is nothing. You never know; the guy might forgive me and grant me another chance. He might just be that nice of a guy. I dearly hope so.

So let's get this straight: ROMs are back up and so are the forums. What is new thing number three? It hasn't arrived entirely yet, but I am currently in the process of uploading a bunch of Nintendo 64 ROMs. Yes, you read correctly: I am currently uploading Nintendo 64 ROMs. Some of you (I am betting none) may remember that I once had several N64 ROMs up on the site, but then, suddenly, they disappeared. Just like a silent hawk. I certainly don't have enough bandwidth right now to actually host these ROMs (or space), but I am going to request more from the man who gave me the opportunity to put my site back into the "swing" of things. This man is the great Bishi of euroemu and emubox fame! Considering that the people who visit my site aren't the sharpest knives in the... knife... holder thing, you probably have absolutely no idea who this man is, a man of many great accomplishments, the great Bishi. If so, shame on you. Shame, shame, shame! It is all thanks to this very man that I'm able to write to you (a grand total of zero people)!

Right, I am uploading the N64 ROMs, which is taking forever, as usual. When will the ROMs be up? I don't really know. All I can say is that they'll be up whenever my Internet decides to stop disconnecting while uploading them. That's when. Hopefully the great Bishi will grant me more space and bandwidth. If so, then this "show" is on the "road," as they say. I do not know who "they" are, but my guess is that "they" secretly work for the government, so "they" are watching you now.


This news post shall serve a single purpose: to inform you that the site will be fully operational rather soonish. When, precisely? As long as it takes me to upload all of the content to my brand new and free server! There is also the issue of the name servers transfering thing, which would take around 72 hours or less (hopefully less). In any case, all you really need to know at this current time is that everything will start working soon. Or eventually, whatever term you'd like to use. The important thing is that it will happen. That's better than nothing happening at all, right? Right?!

Nintendo's next generation console... the Revolution. Want to hear my thoughts on that in a relatively large news post? No? Oh well, it's your loss. To those of you who may have answered yes (I know you don't exist, but entertaining this thought makes me feel like an Internet celebrity), be rest assured that I'll eventually get around to commenting on Nintendo's current state of affairs.


The "tests" that I have spoken earlier about have all concluded. For now, at least. As you can clearly see, the rather odd oddity that occurred with the main menu box has now been fixed. However, I feel inclined to inform most of you that all of the downloads are currently down, save for a few emulators and images. As I said earlier, I won't bother uploading the rest of the content until I am on my free, permanent host (if that ever happens, that is). So... yeah, I suppose you could say that there is absolutely no content on this site at the present time, meaning there is not much to do. Of course, not much to do other than thoroughly scanning these news posts like a hawk, constantly searching for when I say the magic words. The magic words being: "okay folks, the site is back at full power! World conquest, here I come!" Thus, I shall end this long and mundane news post with a little something I like to call the period.


It seems that I may be getting onto something here, in regards to acquiring hosting. Free, permanent hosting, that is. To say that this will happen for certain... that is something I certainly can not say! If I do, it may (most likely) end up being a complete lie later on... then again, why do I care whether I've lied to my audience? I really don't, so there isn't anything to worry about in regards to that. Onto something else: many of you may be wondering about all of these recent, funky changes the site is undergoing, such as the main menu box, and the sudden appearance of all these sprites. I assure you that all of this is a test of things to come. You see, I recently came to several startling realizations (not all at once, mind you): I can now easily and almost instantly rip pretty much anything from any game, such as sprites and backgrounds. Thing of realization number two: I realized that it is rather inane to have the drop down list and main menu box both on the screen, when it is relatively obvious what all of the users of this site use the most (actually, it isn't, but I'm taking a chance and assuming here). So I've decided to combine the drop down boxes with the main menu box, in a (rather vain) attempt to simplify what's on the screen, and maximize efficiency. Unfortunately, as you can most likely see, I've run into a couple of problems with that setup, and am attempting to work through them now. In fact, this entire news post exists solely as a test to see if I can pinpoint the problem.


Greetings, denizens of the Internet super information highway. Some of you may be wondering where the site has been these past several months. I do not remember the reason, so I shall simply pin it on "laziness." Still others may be wondering, "okay, so the site is up right now. Why can't I access any of its delicious content?" Of course, the real explanation to that is laziness, but I have a more elaborate excuse! You see, I currently do not have any hosting. What you see right now will only last for this month, and then it shall, once again, disappear into the vast void of "offline content." Do not worry, however, for I am certain that I will think of something. It may take a century and a half, but... that's better than never, right? In the meantime, on the off chance that anyone is actually here and reading this (those two things almost never go together, even when the site was at its prime), if you have any sort of free hosting solution that I could partake in, please "hook me up," as they say.

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