Updates appear to be a tad bit more recent... perhaps! It has come to me that editing the html document under Notepad is a bit cryptic these days, and perhaps this is precisely why I am so unmotivated to update... but darn you and the sun if there's an easier way that I can conceive of myself. Perhaps I could do one of those front pages that are connected to the forum... nahhh (well, it certainly is a possibility, so don't disregard it just yet).

So what is this update about? Well... the forums' skin has a bit of a problem, so things may be messed up when using the forums. I plan to solve this by contacting the one who did the skin for the forums, and confirming whether he could lend me his strength yet again... however, there is another problem: this person has not shown up online for quite some time now. Right now, the skin's future is entirely up to when he signs on msn, so when that happens, then there is finally hope that the skin will get better. So until this guy shows up, you're going to have to deal with it.

Why can't I do something about this personally (especially when considering that most of my site is hand coded in Notepad)? Well, you see, I did not create the forum skin. I have absolutely no forum software knowledge, and I only got that far from tutorials that have very clear and precise steps that only a complete idiot couldn't follow. I know it was probably foolish of me to think that I could update the software without causing any problems, but... it's too late now; things are as they are. I have absolutely no clue what to do to fix it, even more so considering that the skins are custom made by someone else who may have been very skilled and did things that far exceed my comprehension. So basically, I can't fix the forums without this guy's support. Hopefully he'll turn up soon enough, and agree to once again aid me in my quest for world domination.


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