Just dropping by to let everyone know that you're all morons and should be run over by a car continuously. What does that mean for you? The site will go down soon. How soon? As in 2-3 days soon. Why is it going down? Same reason as before; you're all downloading too many things. I removed the N64 and arcade ROMs, and still have been wasting too much bandwidth. Darn, you guys are insane.

I may make a good, official news post when the site returns, with thoughts on a few games, maybe. Like that new Sonic game, Sonic Heroes, which is horrible.


As you can see, the site is back. Why did it go down? You idiots downloaded so much stuff that I went over my bandwidth limit. At first I thought it was leechers, but that doesn't seem to be the case. You bums just kept hitting those download links repeatedly. If the site is to stay up, I'll have to do something about it. Let's see here... what's the only actual solution to this problem? Buy more bandwidth, you say? Off with your head! I can't afford anything more than this. In fact, I shouldn't be paying for this nonsense. I'm already doing my part by running this site.

So what did I do to fix the bandwidth problem? This will probably greatly upset everyone (like I care), but I removed the N64 and arcade ROMs entirely. So there. What would you have chosen? My site staying up, with no N64 or arcade ROMs, or my site going down in 10 days, with N64 and arcade ROMs? Obviously, I think the former is better. If you think the latter is better, then, oh well. It's my site and I do what I want. I only put stuff on this site that is extremely populor or something I personally like. 97% of it is the latter of those two options. Only once in an age or so I'll possibly put something up because it's populor, but not in most cases. If I like a ROM, it goes up. It's as simple as that.

The exception goes to the N64 and arcade ROMs, though. I can't have those up, even if I like them, which I do. I know my site is mostly populor because of the N64 and arcade ROMs (more so with the N64 ones), but what can I do. The site cannot stay up and host N64 or arcade ROMs at the same time. As for now, I don't know. I may quit the site, or just become the next RandyGophr (the webmaster of The Cult of Kefka), in the way that I'll almost never update.

I updated a few things that were outdated (funny, eh?), but I don't feel like listing what that is now.

In happier news, DeJap finished their patch of Star Ocean. Well, the initial version; it's not the final. I may wait for the final version, but they said that'll take a whole year, so I'll need to think about it...

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