It's been quite a while since I missed some updates, eh...? On to the main point of this post. Apparently, the site has been down for quite a while, yet again. This time, however, it happened without any warning at all. Why did this happen? Well, I went over my bandwidth limit in one day. A single day. A single freaking day. This could mean several things, actually:

1) I noticed that the anti-leech thing I enabled wasn't, you know, enabled correctly. However, I fixed that now.

2) If you haven't already noticed; I have quite a few things to download. No normal server can handle so many downloads.

3) My site has really become populor lately; very populor.

4) Something else that should be here for some inane reason.

5) Maybe the bandwidth counter thing messed up... again.

It seems to me that the most likely culprit is leeching. Maybe it's a combo of the leeching and how many files I have on this site. What really strikes me as odd, though, is why my site is back up. I think it was supposed to take longer for the bandwidth to reset; I honestly don't know. In any case, the site seems to be up, so I guess that's a good thing...?

However, I must warn you all once more; my host is moving to a different server yet again, so the site will surely go down after a bit. Probably by the end of this month. When will it be up? I don't know. Will it be up? I honestly don't know. I really don't.

Oh, and please, go easy on the downloads, guys. I'm not the bandwidth king; my site actually wasted more bandwidth than my host's site, and they're 100% more populor than me.


Three SNES were ROMs added:
1) Prince of Persia
2) Prince of Persia 2
3) Flashback

Yep... those games seem decent. They were recommended by a good friend of mine. You all remember RandyGophr, the webmaster of The Cult of Kefka, right? No? How can you forget... he's the one that inspired this site, and the reviews on this site, as well. In fact, he helped a lot when developing this site. I did most of the work, but he taught me how. Actually, there are a large amount of things I didn't even touch in the slightest when relating to the site: a lot he did himself. For example, the picture on the left of the screen that changes according to time: he made that and gave me the code; I only modified it slightly. Many problems arose, because I am such an idiot, and he helped me solve them all. Actually, that's not entirely true; he solved them all.

Meh, I'm going off topic a bit too much. Back to what we were talking about... he recommended me these games, and I tried them out. They were rather nice, but I forgot to add them to the site. So I did so today. If I ever get around to beating some of them, I may post a review or two.

Short update today, hm? It's an update nonetheless, I suppose.


The new review is up. I really hate making reviews, since I need to be "inspired" to make one. I can't just make a review right after playing a game. Luckily for you, I tried my best, and I actually completed a review of a game I finished right beforehand. This is a review for one of the newer games on the Game Boy Advance. I felt as if I did a pretty decent job on this review; possibly better than the last two. I'm still thinking about going back to the Mario World review and editing it a bit. Okay, rewrite the entire darn thing.

As for the review I wrote now, it is for a game called Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand. Released not too long ago, I picked up the game, decided to take a break from Disgaea, and give it a try. The game wasn't very good. Not really. So I state that in my review. I'm thinking of being more harsh with my scores. This way, when I give a game a good score, you'll be certain that it is a darn good game.

That's it for now. I have another game in mind to review, but since it's one of those games that you can beat in less than half an hour (like all those short action flick games for the SNES; Contra for example) I'll play it once more before reviewing it. I'm also trying to find a good design to stick with in my reviews, so expect it to change randomly.

One last thing: I urge everyone to go and read the update on 11/10/2003.


Some emulator for the Game Gear, named MEKA, has updated to a newer version. I never got into Game Gear emulation much, but I've heard that this is the best emulator for it.

I may have a review on the way; not sure. So, uh... that's it for today.


No update today... things will slow down for now. No, really! Things are already slowing down! I highly suggest you go back and read most of the updates you may have missed, since a lot of important stuff has been added or changed. If you can't be bothered, then at the very least, read the update made on 11/10/2003. Best update the site ever had, and it was very much ignored, because of the fact that the site has been down a lot lately.

Yes, that brings me to what I'll talk about next. The site has been going up and down for the past several days. Apparently, there is a problem with the bandwidth counter on both my account and my host's account. It didn't reset when it was supposed to (every month), so the bandwidth limit exceeded, and when that happens; the site goes down. My host kept trying to contact their host, asking them to fix this problem. I don't precisely know what the main host is doing, but the site went up and down for a few days. Now, however, it seems it may stay up for good. My bandwidth counter is still the same, though. I asked someone about this, and they just said that the number the counter displays is wrong; it has already been reset. Anyway, if that is truly the case, then the problem has been done away with. You can expect the site to stay up a little longer now.

Yep, things sure are slowing down. Not much to say...


My cold is much better. Thank you for asking.

Bleh, anyway, the update today is FCE Ultra; the best NES emulator around. Go download it. It is the best NES emulator. So get to it, mate! Now!! Go!!!

That's pretty much it for now *cough*.


I am incredibly angry. Why? Because I caught a cold. I hate those.

So let's get right to the point: updates. All of these are arcade emulator updates. MAME updated to some version, and so did MAME32 (unfortunately, MAME32 Plus! did not update to these higher versions...). I also added Kawaks, an arcade emulator that seems to be quite decent for online play. That pretty much covers it for today.


I've brought back the legal disclaimer page, which I previously deleted and put at the bottom of the index page (the page that you are on now). This time, I removed the legal disclaimer from this page, and made it as a page that you see before accessing the ROMs. Yeah, I know, this will be slightly annoying, but at least now people can't pester me when it comes to my legal disclaimers. Not as if you care at all, but I also changed what was written in the disclaimer. It won't be so bad. It is just one more page to click through. Just click the large "ENTER" text at the bottom, and ROMs are there for you. No nonsense. Not too hard, is it? I hope not, for your sake.

Probably the smallest (but worthy of a note) thing I did is add a little "hosted by" text under the top banner, stating that this site is hosted by the great Emulation Galaxy. Seriously, those guys are great. They've let me have my account for free thus far.

Other than those things, there's nothing much else to report. Yep, things will truly slow down this time. Ah well, the constant amount of immense updates were fun while they lasted, eh?


The site seems to be back online now. My bandwidth limit exceeded so that was why you couldn't access the site. I don't quite know what happened that brought the site back, but, uh, it's back. The bandwidth counter still didn't reset, so I'm not quite sure what happened. Ah well.

Apparently, some dolts were leeching my site, and my host's site (www.emulationgalaxy.com), and so I enabled an anti-leech thing. Hopefully this doesn't bring any problems for the normal downloaders.

I highly suggest you read yesterday's update, since chances are, you missed it. Missing yesterday's update is a grave sin.


The best Nintendo emulator, FCE Ultra, has updated yet again.

Major developments have been taking place with the site lately. When I thought it'd all end; I've yet another massive update to report. Previously, you probably read about how I claimed some of the arcade ROMs from EMU-Russia did not work. Well, I found out that I needed arcade BIOS to run those specific arcade ROMs. Don't worry; this update includes those very BIOS. They are available at the BIOS section of this site. Anyway, enough of the waiting; let me show you the immense list of ROMs that were added:


1) Art Of Fighting
2) Art Of Fighting 2
3) Art Of Fighting 3: The Path of The Warrior
4) Captain Commando
5) Fatal Fury: King of Fighters
6) Fatal Fury 2
7) Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory
8) Fatal Fury Special
9) Final Fight
10) Marvel Super Heroes
11) Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter
12) Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes
13) Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001
14) Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/2
15) Metal Slug 3
16) Metal Slug X: Super Vehicle-001
17) Neo Bomber Man
18) Panic Bomber
19) Samurai Shodown
20) Samurai Shodown 2
21) Samurai Shodown 3
22) Samurai Shodown 4
23) Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams
24) Street Fighter Alpha 2
25) Street Fighter Alpha 3
26) Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition
27) Street Fighter Zero
28) Super Gem Fighter: Mini Mix
29) Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
30) Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers
31) The King of Dragons
32) The King of Fighters '94
33) The King of Fighters '95
34) The King of Fighters '96
35) The King of Fighters '97
36) The King of Fighters '98: The Slugfest
37) The King of Fighters '99: Millennium Battle
38) The King of Fighters 2000
39) U.N. Squadron
40) X-Men Vs. Street Fighter
41) X-Men: Children of the Atom


Phew... now this took me a lot longer than I'd ever thought. A lot of hard work, too. I spent all day working on this update, and pretty much all of last night. Now that I have most of the ROMs I want, things will probably slow down quite a bit. That's definitely good for me, since I need a break.


Sorry for the late update today, but I'm going to have yet another massively large update tomorrow, and it took me a lot longer than I expected. In the meantime (I actually was going to post the large update today, but things went slow...), I'll talk about two emulators that updated. Only one of them is important.

FCE Ultra (the best NES emulator) updated to some inane version number which I forgot. Also, a few days ago, some obscure NES emulator that I never heard of (but I apparently have it for download on my site...) updated. It's called Nestopia or something like that.

The next large update is really, really good. Really! You better brace yourselves! Because you will have a heart attack this time! Back to work for me, then...


I've run into a problem with the site. It seems that I've almost reached my bandwidth limit. When that happens, the site goes down. It (the bandwidth limit) is supposed to reset every month, but there seems to be a problem with that, and thus, it did not reset. I've contacted my host about this, and he's going to contact his host, and hopefully everything'll be sorted out.

What can you do to help? Try not to download anything at all until I say the bandwidth limit has been reset. This way, you'll at the very least be able to read the front page.


This is the third immense update in a row. You must've had about three heart attacks by now. Unfortunately, this update is nothing great. It's just for sake of completeness, really. Mm... sake. On to the update, then. Yes, the update; one of those huge updates. Yeah.


Yes, that's right; I've added 32X ROMs. How many, precisely? A lot. How much is that? Pretty much the entire set of ROMs. Wha? If you're confused, don't worry; I tend to do that to a lot of people. What this means is: I won't add any more 32X ROMs, simply for the reason that I have nearly every 32X ROM in existence. Really, that's not saying much, since there's only around 37+ 32X ROMs in the entire world. I added a little less than that... only a little.

Sadly, this shouldn't interest you in the least. Why? Well, all of these ROMs are garbage; utter garbage. I actually groaned when I saw some of the ROMs I added. This is precisely why I only add ROMs I like. But... what ROM site has a single section with only a single ROM? That's simply wrong, and I needed to fix that. And so I did. This may be the last "immense update."

A lot of people may be wondering; "what's with all these big updates lately?" Well, I found this site, see. It goes by the name of EMU-Russia. This site was easy to navigate and it had all the ROMs I've been meaning to add to the site. So I said to myself: "hey, why not just download them now and add them to my site! You never know when this obscure site named EMU-Russia may one day go down and never come back (this seems to be happening very often lately)." That pretty much sums it up. There were countless ROMs I wanted to add, but have been too lazy to search for. Then, there they were, all laying on a table, begging me to download them.

However, what about the arcade ROMs? I never had any intention of adding those ROMs. Why did I do so, then? Well, I tried getting into arcade emulation once, but failed due to my stupidity. I then gave up, because, well, I only wanted to play two arcade games, and saw nothing else of interest in that direction. Later, I then gave it yet another try. This time, however, I was not so stupid; and actually had success in getting a ROM to work. I then noticed why I had so much trouble in the first place; the emulator I had been using was very complex to run. So I went to download pretty much the same emulator, but with a friendly and easy-to-use GUI (Graphic User Interface), and then I could run all my ROMs rather easily. I actually quite liked the vast options this emulator had, and the fact that it emulated nearly every single arcade ROM out there.

Thus, I started downloading countless arcade ROMs; I started getting into arcade emulation. At the end of the day, I found myself with over 40+ ROMs. So why not add those ROMs, along with a quickly made emulator section to the site? It seems like a good idea. I plan to add some other arcade ROMs; I just can't find them now. The ones on EMU-Russia don't seem to be working for me, so I've got to look elsewhere. And elsewhere doesn't seem to be easy to find.

Ah... time for a much needed break!


I have yet another immense update today. It's probably not as immense as the one from yesterday, but it's still very immense, indeed. Let's start off with the ZSNES WIP (work in progress) update. I happily (read: absolutely not) edited the files on the site.

Now for the next update; the truly immense one. A lot of ROMs have been added to the N64 ROMs section. And I do mean a lot. Hopefully I'll be able to list them all.


1) Bust-A-Move '99
2) Bust-A-Move 2: Arcade Edition
3) Chameleon Twist
3) Chameleon Twist 2
4) Glover
5) Jet Force Gemini
6) Killer Instinct Gold
7) Magical Tetris Challenge
8) Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness
9) Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber
10) Perfect Dark
11) Pilotwings 64
12) Rayman 2: The Great Escape
13) Resident Evil 2
14) Snowboard Kids
15) Snowboard Kids 2
16) Star Fox 64

Phew... those were a lot of ROMs to list. Not to mention link and upload. This is probably the largest ROM update the entire site ever had; aside from a new ROM section being added. A lot of these ROMs are highly requested and very populor, so I hope you enjoy them!


I've got a large update today; a very large update. In fact, it is so large, you may die of a heart attack upon hearing it, so brace yourselves. Ahem... a ROM section for arcade systems has now been added, with an opening of 40+ arcade ROMs or so. In addition to this, an emulator section featuring the best arcade emulators around has also been added. Are you still alive? Did your heart skip one too many beats? I know mine has (read: not really).

It's quite ironic how I always write so much less when a big update like this happens, and so much more when there's particularly nothing going on. Well, go check out the new sections. You may find some interesting stuff there.

If you're wondering, that "something in the works" I spoke of yesterday is indeed what I have updated today. I actually still have something else "in the works." However, it's pretty bad, and I'm not entirely sure I should go through the trouble of doing it. We'll see.

Right now, I'm going back to bed.


A very nice update today: new N64 ROMs! The ROMs are:

1) Goemon's Great Adventure
2) Mario Kart 64
3) Mischief Makers

I bet you didn't see this coming, eh? Eh?! You did...? Ah well... in other news, a new link has been added. What's so special about this one, you ask? Well, it has pretty much every ROM in existence, no pop-ups, and an easy and simple download system. To top this all off, the speed of the site is insane. Insanely fast, that is. You should go check it out. The name's EMU-Russia. With those guys around, there's simply no reason to visit my site anymore... *sniff*

Last but not least: I've something in the works; there may be a new section added. We'll see.


Woo, I'm rather lucky; yet another update, saving my butt from typing something here. This time, Visual Boy Advance has updated to version 1.7 Beta 3. I then proceeded to mysteriously switch the files on the site. Mwaha, no one will ever know!

I may have another official review added soon.


Yet another small update; the ZSNES WIP (work in progress) has, yet again, updated. Bleh, I can't be bothered to find a more interesting way of saying it. Oh, will you look at that. I just did. So I uh... did that thing I always do in this situation... I'm sure you know what it is by now.


Small update today; it's a ZSNES WIP (work in progress) one, at that. As always, the files have been replaced on my site, so you can go and download the latest ZSNES WIP right now... at this precise moment. Now. Go. Come on, go! You know you want to download that stuff! Ahem, anyway, that's the update. I said it was small, didn't I?


October 2003 news has been placed into the news archive... why did I have to tell you that? To fill this space with something.

Hm... my games have been continuously stacking up. It's rare now when I actually finish a game completely... darn it. I remember the days when I actually wished a new game would be released... I actually would like things to be that way again. With so many games to play, I don't get motivated to try out a lot of new games. For example, I never play(ed) PC games. It seems that online PC games are very fun, but I never got around to jumping into one, mostly because I'm way too busy with my current endless line of games. In fact, almost every other person is having a similar problem. My problem is much worse, however.

I don't just want to finish a game; I want to do every single possible secret, obtain max stats in every possible form, etc. This is beginning to become impossible. One example of this is Disgaea. You can spend years boosting stats in that game, and never quite max everything out. It's impossible. They made it that way. I hate this. It used to be that in every RPG, all you really had to do for a "perfect game" was to level to the max level, obtain the ultimate armor and weapons for all characters, and finish off any side quests. This was fun and very possible to accomplish. These days, almost every RPG allows you to boost stats. This isn't so bad when the stats max out after a little while, but that's simply not the case.

They're making it more and more difficult to completely finish a game. It's rare when I can play a game, do everything, and say, without a worry in the world, "I'm finished." I think we need to protest. We need to tell those game developers and designers that we want obtainable max stats, so that the "perfect file" can be obtained reasonably. We want to do everything a game has to offer, while still being able to do it in every other game. Time is important. If you have the power, please, make this possible. I'm serious. Almost every single gamer is going through the same exact thing I'm going through, and this is simply because of how the developers keep increasing the "max" value of things in games. Sure, having around 40 billion attack is nice, but not when it literally takes several years to obtain.

Then there are other games, non-RPG type games, that still have way too many things to acquire for a "perfect file." For example, take Super Smash Bros. Melee; they have some trophy system. It's very difficult to obtain every single trophy in the game, and chances are, you'll have to play for nearly the rest of your life to do so.

I'm tired of this. I feel as if I don't have time for anything anymore. If I had the power, If I could do so, I'd find a way to warn all the developers that this is definitely not the way to go. Games should be short and quick when it comes to maxing stats out or obtaining perfect files of some form. Fine, a long game is fine, but when you're doing the same darn thing for 200 hours; it gets to you. I'd rather go through 400,000 completely different levels than the same one for 200 hours. I suspect the same is true for most people. Long games are not bad; it's games that are nearly impossible to have a perfect file in that are, quite possibly, not good.

So, if anyone here can e-mail game developers or has any sort of power; protest. I'm sure that, if you're an avid gamer, you are finding that you simply don't have time to invest years in each game to obtain perfect files. You know that you don't like this. You know you want things the way they were, when obtaining such "perfect files" were so possible and fun. So, anyone and everyone who visits this site, try and find a way to change. I've seen it happen; the public can change the game industry.

Quite frankly, this site doesn't have enough people to change anything, but I want everyone to at least try. Look at the difficulty in recent games. Gamers always wanted games to be difficult (I honestly don't know why, and wish this didn't happen), and so, after a bit, developers took note of this when setting the difficulty for their games. So, yes, if you can do absolutely anything about this, then do it. This must be stopped. Gamers everywhere need help; your help. At this rate, games will consume the gamer. It's supposed to be that the gamer consumes the game.

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