Nothing particularly great to report today.

I'm still playing Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. I'm leveling up so that I can take on the side quests, and possibly get a few more endings (the game has multiple endings, like Chrono Trigger). I'm going to wait until a bit later to talk about it. I'll... uh, just keep playing it then. Right now.


I feel that the time when my site once again falls is near. Don't you feel the same way?

I've been gaming quite a lot. Right; last time I spoke about Viewtiful Joe. In the 15 days the site was down, I played and beat all those games. However, I finally caught up to the game I'm playing now; Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Actually, I just beat it yesterday, but I've yet to finish the many quests. I'll talk more about it later, since I do not feel ready to talk about it now.

Also, while gaming, Kirby's Air Ride and some Castlevania game came by. I've yet to play them, though. There have also been quite a few Game Boy Advance games coming out, which I've got my hands on and need to play. It seems like I'll never finish all my games...


The ZSNES WIP (work in progress) has updated yet again. Apparently, I uploaded the new files, so you can go and download it immediately. That's it for now. I'll take a break today, (yesterday wasn't officially a break since I added some ROMs...).


There's really nothing to report today. Everything is working fine, which is very rare. Go enjoy the site as much as you can, for it may go down later again. I wrote a lot yesterday, and I know people don't visit this site every single day, so I'll give everyone a chance to catch up and read the previous news post. Yeah, I'm slacking off today. I'm taking a break, it seems...


Okay, I changed my mind. There is news to report. At least, there is now. I've added two ROMs for SNES:

1) Kid Klown in Crazy Chase
2) Killer Instinct

Yeah, very little news, but what do you expect?


Everything has been uploaded, including the N64 ROMs. Like I said yesterday, my host may be switching servers soon, but I've no idea how soon this is. During the server switch, the site will probably be down for quite a while, so be ready for it this time. I know I will.

Hm... so where was I? I told you that I finished Final Fantasy Tactics, including all the side quests and all that hidden stuff. Then I played the horrendous Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, which led me to believe that the universe hates my existence. Then, uh... where did I go from there? I'm trying to recall it... ah, yes, Viewtiful Joe.

I have to say, I liked Viewtiful Joe quite a lot. The first level sucked, though. Why? It was just so terribly... boring. Since it's the beginning, Joe doesn't have most of his powers, so that adds to the boredom. The level itself is... bleh. The music was just so dull. The level itself looked quite... boring. Yeah, I noticed that I've used that term more than once, but I'm just giving you an idea of how bad the first level was. However, that is not all; to make matters worse, the boss for the first level was quite difficult. In fact, it's actually more difficult than most of the bosses later in the game. Considering you're new to the game and don't know what you're doing, this can only make things worse.

Eventually, (and I do mean eventually) I passed the first level. Everything went well from then on. The music became more interesting, the levels themselves were more fun to walk through, and Joe acquired many of his viewtiful moves. The game was great. I finished Viewtiful Joe during the time the site was down (I did a lot in those 15 days, eh?).

Right, onto the actual game. The graphics are cell shaded, and they often make use of the fact that you can only move in two dimensions (2D movement, as I like to call it). The actual background is 3D, but they use a bunch of tricky designs to elude you and make you think it's all 2D. For some unknown reason, they made the graphics resemble a "comic book style." The main problem with the graphics is the fact that not everyone likes them. It's strictly based on your personal taste. For me, I enjoy the graphics. I really like the direction they took and hope that more graphic designers take this route.

If anything, the music is probably the weakest part of the game. I'm not saying it's bad, but it just never stands out. Most of the time, you won't notice the fact that there is a music track playing in the background. When you actually do notice, and proceed to listen, it still isn't anything too great.

You are a man named Joe (who resembles a gamer), who is a "movie fanatic," similar to how gamers are considered to be "gaming fanatics." There may be more to it than this, he may just be a "super hero fanatic," in which he probably reads comics, as well. Thus this explains the comic style the graphics took. In any case, Joe goes to a movie theater with his girlfriend, Sylvia. In this theater, they watch an old film about a hero titled "Captain Blue." Apparently, from some hidden source of information which I've somehow acquired, Joe is most interested in the character "Captain Blue," and he watches every movie with said character in it; similar to how I buy every game with Mario in it.

Anyway, while watching this movie, Joe admits that he isn't into girls, and Sylvia gets captured by a giant robot. The giant robot came from the actual movie itself, and took her right in. So something odd happens, and Joe himself gets thrown into the movie screen, as well. Now he runs around doing stuff, meeting an image of Captain Blue. Captain Blue then proceeds to give you some inane watch on your arm, which, when uttering the word "henshin" (it's the Japanese word for "transform"), turns you into the super hero, "Viewtiful Joe." He then tells you how to use your moves and such. Thus, the quest starts, and Joe goes off to save Sylvia (even though he's not into girls).

The main part of any game, game play, is where the big selling point of this game is located. While the style of the graphics could be considered to be another selling point, I think the game play makes a bigger difference. The main gameplay elements revolve around you using your powers to slow down or speed up time to kill the various idiots who willingly jump into your fists. There's also a power that not many speak about: "Zoom-in." Apparently, when Joe somehow gets a close-up, he does more damage. Some of his moves also change slightly.

So you have something called a VFX bar at the top of the screen, which you can make grow by getting several items. Every time Joe uses one of his powers (slow motion, speed up, or zoom-in) his VFX bar drains. When it drains all the way down to empty, Joe turns back into his normal self, which is a bad thing, mostly because you can't use any of Joe's "viewtiful" powers, and the fact that you receive double damage in your normal state. This almost never becomes a problem, ironic as it is, since your bar quickly fills up, thus giving you back your "viewtiful" powers.

Now onto the actual game play. What's the point of slowing things down, you say? Well, other than the fact that it is obviously easier to see things coming when they come at an extremely slow pace, but you also, for some unknown reason, deal more damage this way. There's also an "auto-dodge" feature while in slow motion, which is basically a "free hit" that immediately turns you back into normal Joe, unless you had massive amounts of VFX.

So, then, what's the point of using Joe normally, without slow motion or his other powers? When an enemy is about to attack, you see a skull icon. A high skull icon indicates a high attack, while a low one obviously indicates a low attack. By pressing up or down on the control stick, you can make Joe do "up and down" dodges. If the enemy does a high attack, you press down to duck and thus avoid the high attack. If the enemy does a down one, then you press up to magically float above the ground, thus avoid the low attack. What's the point of this? If you avoid an enemy's attack, they will get dizzy. Don't ask me why, they just do. In dizzy state, the enemies die much faster, and when in slow motion, a "lock-on" thing appears on them. If you punch them when they're locked-on (only can be done in slow motion), they get thrown back, crashing into every enemy behind them.

The speed up isn't really as useful, but can be good when you want to quickly run from an area or don't feel like spending too much time killing enemies. Zoom-in is always useful, no matter what. More damage = good.

There are also poor attempts at puzzles, where you must use one of your powers to move on, be it to hit a switch or move a platform; standard Zelda stuff.

What makes the game so great is the fact that every enemy can be killed in a number of ways. No matter how different the enemy is from your average suicide guy, you can always just slow motion punch him to death.

The bosses work in a similar way, as well. At first, every boss seems insanely difficult, but you can pratically kill all of them in one go without getting hit once; you just need to manipulate their pattern. A lot of bosses do different patterns based on what you do, so if you watch this carefully, you can completely manipulate the boss, thus finding an almost painless way of defeating them.

Personally, I think this game turned out great. It was good fun, and I was actually compelled to play it again using a slightly different character that I unlocked... on a higher difficulty, even!

It can last you quite a while, too. Considering you at least unlock all the characters and beat the game once with each (I've yet to do that). Even if you just play it once, the game lasted me a pretty good length, and I always felt that I was moving; advancing. There's a big difference between playing a game for 40 hours, and feel as if you barely got anywhere, and playing a game for 7 hours, and felt you ran around the world twice. Imagine if you could feel like that, but for 40 hours? Now that would truly be the ultimate game, length wise. So, yes, I enjoyed Viewtiful Joe.


I've got an emulator update today: the ZSNES WIP has, yet again, updated. I did what I always do in this situation, and that's upload the new version.

Everything is up except the N64 ROMs. That said, most of the N64 ROMs are up; there are only a few more that I am finishing up. Everything may get uploaded by the end of today.

My host will be moving to another server later. I don't quite know the exact date, but it may happen at the end of this month or the beginning of the next. Of course, what I just said may be complete nonsense and it may move tomorrow. I have absolutely no idea when the moving will occur. In any case, during the move, my site will be down for a large period of time, and I'll have to upload everything when the site comes back up. Yep... the site is going to be going down a lot more in the future. It already has.


Yes, I am aware that nearly all the downloads are down. I really don't know what happened, but my entire account was deleted. My host said they didn't do it, and that they don't know if someone did this; it could just be the darn server messing up or something. In any case, they recreated my account, and now I must upload everything again. I'll report what I upload in this news post. However, take note: the N64 ROMs and Sonic CD ISO will take quite a while to put back up.


Everything should be up, except for the N64 ROMs. Yes, even the ISO is up. I'm currently working on uploading all the N64 ROMs. I can't say precisely when it'll be done; probably not today.


I dedicate today's news post to a friend...


Ahem, yeah. This is actually the second time I did this, seeing as how my site has been up for an entire year. Wow, time flies, doesn't it? Anyway, so everyone doesn't think I used this as an excuse to avoid writing something, I'll report my update:

Boulder Dash
Bubble Bobble 2
Dig Dug
Dig Dug 2

Yep, a lot of good classics there.


I just contacted the guy at Edge Emulation, asking him about the hosting services, and he replied. He stated that he liked my site, and would host it. So I told him how much space and bandwidth I'd probably need. Then he quoted me a price. Since then, I've yet to get back to him. Why? Well, uh, the price was quite high. At my current host (who are graciously letting me keep the site up for free thus far) the same space and bandwidth costs much less than what the guy from Edge Emulation quoted me. Also, he stated that I must remove the N64 ROMs and Sega CD ISO. Not a big deal, but the price is. I may contact him again and maybe ask for less space and bandwidth. If it's still too high, I'll beg a little to see if he reduces the price. If that all fails, I guess I'm better off just staying with this host. While they do go down quite often, they always return. I'm still thinking about it; I haven't made any final decisions.

Okay, now back to my gaming news. You probably don't remember this, but 15+ days ago, I stated that I was playing Final Fantasy Tactics for PlayStation. Well, I've beaten that game a long time ago. The game I played after that was Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg. I beat this too, but I'm going to talk about it now. To be perfectly honest, I hated this game. I was hoping that it would somehow surprise me with something, but it just kept sucking the whole way through. I kept saying to myself, "maybe I should give it another try before I quite," until I saw the little cute message stating: "Congratulations! You not only beat the game, but you also beat every single level!! Including the annoying secret ones that you hated so much!!!" I got very irritated, because the whole thing was just a big waste of time.

Let me actually tell you about the game, rather than my hate for it. You are a young boy (very young) named Billy Hatcher; Billy for short. Apparently, Billy doesn't know how to speak, because in the special CG scene you see at the beginning, he just yells and makes stupid laughing noises to communicate with his many friends. And they seem to do the same. I'm surprised they used such nice CG scenes. When I saw those scenes, I was immediately expecting something good.

I then entered the first level. The graphics sucked. No, I mean, the graphics really sucked. As in, they really sucked. Super Mario Sunshine had better graphics (and that game is claimed to use the least of the GameCube's power, graphics wise).

But, really, I didn't care much for the graphics. So I began to run around, looking for things to do (keep in mind, this is the first level and Billy has yet to acquire his suit). I found some inane chick who apparently did not notice that I've yet to acquire the chicken suit, and that I can not do any of the moves he continuously mentions I can. "Press A to do some stupid move with your egg." That would be useful if I could hold eggs, I thought to myself.

So I ran around some more, and fell off a cliff. I wasn't happy, dying so soon, in a very idiotic way. They should've put some rails there or something. This is my first time. Anyway, after more boring searching, with the extremely annoying and dull music infinitely looping in the background, I encountered some shiny egg. I walked up to it, and nothing happened. So I thought, "maybe the chicken suit is near." I walked some more, and fell off yet another cliff. I was then very upset. I searched the place some more, talking to every inane chick that I saw, and I noticed how each and every one of them explains that I can bounce on my egg to reach higher ground; with the chicken suit, that is... which I don't have. And I'm looking for. I then proceeded to fall off another cliff. As you can already tell, I got a very bad initial impression of the game.

Oh, and before all this, some "Chicken God" spoke to Billy. He said something about courage and a chicken suit that will help me live through Morning Land. He also stated that crows are becoming mages and using magical spells to do stuff that is bad. Yeah, something like that.

Anyway, I ran around again. No cliff this time. And I bumped into the shiny egg again. While passing by it, ignoring it, since I thought it did nothing, a scene then occurred. The egg hatched, and some poorly drawn shiny things started moving around Billy, and he obtained the Chicken Suit. The Chicken God then spoke to me, telling me the Chicken Suit grants me power that no human has. Apparently, the Chicken God never met a human, since all the suit does is enable me to hold eggs and roll them into enemies.

So, yeah, whatever. I found some enemies, and the game started to heavily clip. This is the beginning of the game, do you realize how bad of a first impression this is?! When the very first level of the game clips, that's just disgusting. Not only did the enemies make the game clip, but some of the waterfalls in the background did so, as well. So, I killed the enemies for the sake of stopping the mad clipping, and stuff happened. I think a door opened somewhere or something. From there on, I finished the first level. As you can see, just in the very first level, I got a generally bad impression of the game. It was to the point that I wanted to return it. But, then I said to myself: "It'll probably get better as I move on." That was a serious mistake, because it only became worse; much worse.

Let's talk about the gameplay, now. Billy can't do anything by himself, but when he grabs an egg, he can roll it. You can roll the egg into enemies, thus killing them. When you kill them, bubbles containing fruit appear. You roll your egg onto those, and the egg grows. Roll the egg onto enough fruit bubbles, and it grows to the max size. That's when you press a mysterious button to make Billy crow like a rooster (surprising how the game never once mentions a rooster; they all just say chicken). The waves of this rooster-like crow then shatter the egg to reveal something inside of it. Depending on the color of the egg that you hatched, there may be a certain animal with a useless ability to help you kill enemies, or an item that grants you a useless power, or health and occasionally lives.

Sounds good, eh? Well, it's not. You can kill every enemy in the game (including bosses) by just rolling your egg into them. Some enemies have more health than others, so you can just continuously roll your egg into them until they die. It's just so stupid. You have some sort of "egg punch" that makes Billy punch the egg, thus it rolls and hits an enemy, then returns to Billy. It's so difficult to hit an enemy with this move that you're better off just rolling your egg into the enemy... continuously. The animals have some devastating attacks that can kill some enemies. Or you can just roll your egg into them. It doesn't make a difference. You are, of course, encouraged to use the egg punch and animals to kill enemies for points to get a better rank. Seeing as how hard the game is, I'd stick to rolling my egg into enemies, continuously.

With that out of the way, there are also some stupid jump moves you can do with the egg. Apparently, by default, a normal jump with the egg in your hands is better than a jump without the egg in your hands. It seems you somehow become lighter by holding an egg four times your size. You can bounce this egg for a "high jump," and you can do some other move for a "long jump." Since almost every single area in the game can only be accessed by these jumps, it's pretty pointless for Billy himself to jump. There's an annoying puzzle or two where Billy's jumping ability is needed, but for every other part in the game, Billy can't jump a pit to save his life.

Ah, yes... pits. Every level in this game has them. And you'll fall into them. Mark my words; you will fall right into them... continuously. You'll lose all your lives, get a game over, and be forced to start the infernal level all over again... and again. The enemies themselves don't pose too much of a problem (although, when there are a great number of them, you can die in several seconds if you get caught in their attacks), the main problem in this game comes from the endless amounts of pits.

Let me talk about the enemies, though. As I said, in great numbers, they can kill you quickly (mostly because of the immense clipping). However, their main reason for existence is to annoy you by breaking your egg. Obviously, the egg breaking is not a good thing. Sometimes you want to hatch a certain egg, and it takes ages to get it to full size. You're so close, and, well, look at that; an enemy bumped into it with his insanely cheap attack. Now you are bloody ruined. Since the main way Billy gets around is with his egg, when he loses it in certain places, he gets in quite a pickle. Sometimes you can lose your egg, and be in a location where no eggs spawn. You're just boned there.

There's also a huge flaw with the high jump, and this flaw is really annoying. I mean, this nonsense really annoyed me. I swear, my blood pressure raises like 30 points whenever this happens. Apparently, the game designers didn't test their own game, because this flaw shouldn't exist. Let me try to explain it in as much detail as I can. There are, almost everywhere, areas that are too high for you to reach. For you to reach these areas, you need to do the high jump. With the high jump, you barely make it, just slightly touching the tip of the place. When this happens, you instantly let go of your egg, falling to your death, or to the lower area, with the egg still on the higher place. Now, you must do one of two things:

1) If you have a load of lives, then just jump off a cliff.
2) If you don't, then wait. Keep waiting for the egg to disappear (this takes a while). Now, go to an egg spawn point, and wait for it to spawn. This, too, takes ages. Now try to do the jump again.

You must repeat this endlessly... over and over. This single flaw impacts the game play in such a way that it shouldn't. There are more flaws similar to this all over the game, but none are worth mentioning.

Overall, it felt that Sega didn't really give a darn when they made the single player of this game. Yes, that's right; the game has a multiplayer. Actually, I believe Yuji Naka (he is what Shigeru Miyamoto is to Nintedo, but for Sega) said so himself in an interview: the main focus of this game is the multiplayer. They just barely got out a single player mode, for no other reason than all games need one. Personally, I've not tried the multiplayer mode myself, so I wouldn't know. I don't plan to, though. I really don't. I doubt I'd ever even return to this game. It's such a disgrace.


I'm still uploading these N64 ROMs... apparently, it's taking ages.

I'm not really very motivated to talk about anything today, what with the site being down for so long. I almost gave up on it. In fact, I'm surprised that I'm still getting 100 unique hits per day, despite the fact that my site has been down for 15 days. Not only that, but I've also received some e-mails regarding the return of my site. I'm simply baffled.

Recently, I've been gaining interest in C++ programming. More specifically; programming games. I haven't really jumped into the tutorials or did anything yet, but I'm really excited about it. As a child, it was always my dream to become a video game designer. You know how some kids dream of becoming a super hero or some guy who randomly saves lives? Well, I wanted to be a video game designer. After a while, that dream sort of died. Once I found out how actual game making takes place, it just seemed way too much for me. Even if all I did was come up with ideas for levels and game play elements, it'd still be very difficult, since I can run out of ideas or have trouble working them in. So I decided that it was simply impossible to make a game, and it'll be just that: a dream. Needless to say, I gave up on the dream. It's just one of those things that couldn't happen.

Now that I've actually seen the programming to make these games, it doesn't look so... farfetched. Still, it's not so simple, either. You need to know a bunch of programming languages to actually be able to do something professional, and you'll need to know how to create graphics and music, etc. In the end, you're more than a programmer, and you require a lot of different skills to reflect this. Unless, of course, an entire team makes a game. Then each person can focus on just one thing. I'm going to try and learn C++, and possibly some other programming languages. Before truly giving up on my dream, I want to at least see what's there.


Today, I will report the updates that I've made while the site was down. It's not much, but oh well:

Updated Emulators:
Visual Boy Advance 1.7 beta 2

Added ROMs:
Act Raiser
Act Raiser 2

Heh, Edge Emulation seems to be down at the moment. Isn't it ironic? Seeing as how I was thinking of asking them to host me.

That's it for now. I'll report my gaming news tomorrow, since I am very lazy today and don't feel like doing it... yep.


I've uploaded the entire site, except for the Nintendo 64 ROMs. I'm currently uploading the last few. I also updated a few other things, but I'll post about that later. There are probably still some people who cannot access the site, so I'll take it slow on the news. At least until tomorrow.

So everyone's probably wondering what in the heck happened. Well, my host (www.emulationgalaxy.com) went down once again. As always, things get done very slowly, so it took quite a while for everything to get back to normal. A big problem is that the host I'm with now has a long history of going down. It seems they have a curse. I hate curses.

I've talked to the guy at Edge Emulation, and he indeed has a hosting service. If my current host goes down once more, I'll probably beg him for hosting, claiming that I will pay anything. As much as I hate Edge Emulation, if they provide a good hosting service and accept ROMs, then I'll love them. I'll actually forgive them for the countless pop-ups that appear when I attempt to download their ROMs. Maybe. Possibly. Okay, I'll have to forgive them.

Also, if you were wondering, the site has been down for 15 days. That's about half a month. A lot of people probably forgot that this site even exists, so I'm sure that I lost a lot of "regulars." That's if I even had any people who visited regularly.

Oh, and don't forgot; I've a lot of news on what games I've been playing lately. So be on the look out for all that stuff.


Everything is finally back in line. The site should be showing up soon for most people. It'll probably take 48-72 hours for everyone to be able to access it. I'll post some news when that time comes. Some good news, mind you.


Someone from my host tried contacting me today (or was it yesterday?), and I was busy playing video games. Let's hope I can somehow get this settled...


I think the site will be up after a little while longer... I think.


Yep, it's still going... I'm beginning to lose interest in the site. And by losing interest, I mean a total lose of interest. I'm beginning to feel like it's not worth it anymore. I may just give the whole thing up.


I've some more stuff to add to the update, but seeing as no one can really access the site, I'll put it on hold. Yep... I'm writing stuff here that no one will read. Yeah, I'm counting the days...


With the site being down for such a long time, I'm really losing all motivation to continue... needless to say, I'm really irritated. I'm going to try and hunt down another host that I suspect may accept ROMs. The host I'm with now has a long history of "going down for ages." Already, I'm beginning to be part of this history. Let's hope this won't last any longer...


I actually have lots of stuff to write about, but, well, the site is down! Still! Hopefully it'll go up today...


Darn it! The site is still down... oh well. Let me gladly fill this space with another writing of nothingness. Yep, this is how "nothing" looks like when written.


Blah! There are more delays... ah well, at least this was a nice vacation away from the site. I've some updates in store (read: one) when the site gets its stuff together.


The site should be up soon for everyone... but I, myself, still can't access it, so that means it is yet to be completely up. Ah well, I'll wait a little longer...


The site is still down. However, it will be up very soon. In fact, many people can already view the site. For the entire world to be able to view it, though, it'll take slightly longer. Maybe by tomorrow the site will be up completely. As always, I won't write much of anything important here, so that the others don't miss it. After all, it's not their fault...


The site is still down. What am I doing still writing this junk? Well, since I know I won't miss an update, I might as well use this as a way of tracking down how many days the site has been down. So, you know, if you actually wanted to know, you could just check in the archive or something... I also need to keep track, since my host said 1-3 days, and if it takes longer... I'll need to do something!

Bah, no more writing.


By this point, I don't think anyone has access to the site. Why am I writing something here? I don't want to miss any updates, gosh darn it! Luckily, I won't really write anything of importance here, so that you won't miss anything important. Yep... nothing at all to say, except that I'm insane in the membrane.


As you probably already know, the site has been down for most of yesterday. Apparently, my host is changing stuff around, and for many people, the site is down. However, some people can still access the site, which is why I'm writing something here... it seems the site will be like this for 2-3 days, as the host said. I'll save the bigger news for later, when the site is fully up, so that everyone can read it.


Nothing new today, really.

Arch Nacho and Tortilla Godzilla are finally back, but are not in good shape. They once again lost all of their ROMs, because of their host. Hopefully things'll get better.

All I've left in Final Fantasy Tactics is the final boss, so that will be done today. Next game I'll play is Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg. It is possible that I may play something else, but this is the most likely one I'll play. Well, that is pretty much it. Have a grand Sunday!


Some grand news today: the ZSNES WIP (work in progess) has finally updated once more! Once again, I've updated the files on the site, so go download that stuff immediately!!! News from the ZSNES staff states that they have not yet fully added the support to play games like Star Ocean without the graphics pack, but they will eventually. That is a good sign, people!

That is not all! Next up is a new ROM I've added for the Nintendo Entertainment System; River City Ransom.

I'm still playing Final Fantasy Tactics. I forgot about the side quests, so I didn't intend on it taking this long... but it will get done. That is all for now.


Yep... things have been rather quiet lately. Not only have things settled down, but there's not much news to report. I'll see if I can add some new ROMs today... there are several I have in mind.

I'm blasting through Final Fantasy Tactics, so I should be done with it by today, or tomorrow at the most. The next game I plan to play after Final Fantasy Tactics is Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg. Like I said many times before, I am not really excited about playing it, but, ah well, I'm going to do so anyway. You never know; it may turn out to be a game I love.


I've added three new ROMs for the Game Boy Color:
1) Harvest Moon GB
2) Harvest Moon GBC 2
3) Harvest Moon GBC 3

That is it for the update today.


I think I'm getting serious with Final Fantasy Tactics, so I'll probably try and finish that first.

Viewtiful Joe is very near, and uh... there are some other games that are near as well, I'm sure. I just can't remember them... uh... there is really nothing to report today. Things seem like they're going back to normal, so that is good... just enjoy the site, I guess. I did work hard to get it back up with the ROMs and all, you know.

I can't seem to get around to changing the Super Mario World review. I think, before I change it, I'll play the game itself for a bit, then go and make an entirely new review. I don't honestly have the time to play it now, though, what with all those other games I haven't played, and now Final Fantasy Tactics.

Back to FFT says me!


I did not get a chance (once more...) to play any of my new games. Just to give you an idea of how many new games I've yet to play:

1) Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
2) Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
3) Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge (for GBA)
4) Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hands (also for GBA)

And there are still much more, but I can not quite recall them at the moment. However, I've been playing some Final Fantasy Tactics for the PlayStation. I found out something rather horrible, in fact... two horrible things, actually. One, my mighty ATI Radeon 9800 Pro is simply crippled if I set all the highest settings on ePSXe. The other thing is, well... I found out that ePSXe can not take screen shots. Thus, no PlayStation reviews for you. I'd try another emulator, but... well, you know how that is. I hate trying an emulator that sucks just for one thing. Anyway, I'll play some more Final Fantasy Tactics.

From the two new games on consoles, I'm leaning more torwards Billy Hatcher. I feel that both Boktai and Banjo-Kazooie will take a while, so I won't play them for now.

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