I finally got around to beating WarioWare with every microgame unlocked, and a medal/flower thingie on each one. I'm just finishing up some more secrets, and then I'll be done. WarioWare was an amazing game, and I recommend anyone and everyone to play it. This is the type of game that not just veteran gamers love, but people who don't normally game can also just pick up and play endlessly, without difficulty standing in their way. The humor is so good, it's reason enough to play the game. The music is also very good, in a catchy and addicting sort of way. There are some actual songs with voices, too.

To tell the truth, I haven't been gaming that much these past few weeks. Things just have been rather slow. I'm going to try and change that. There's quite a few games I want to finish and re-finish up, so my game life will soon pick up once again.


Small update for you today (which is actually a big one for me).

For the more observant, you probably already noticed the fact that when clicking one of 'em large wooden signs, it refreshes the page. For the even more observant, you probably also noticed that it does not actually refresh the page, but re-links to it. So when there's a problem that can only be solved by refreshing, the sign did not help. And so, I found the code for a "real" refresh, and have that on all the signs now. This means that, it is safe to use the signs for all your refreshing needs. That's really the only update thus far.

Currently, I'm thinking about the comic... nothing much to say about that.


I actually got to the last level in Shinobi, but got tired of the insanely high difficulty. It just didn't feel worth it anymore, you know? I could possibly beat the last boss, but I didn't feel like it. I also played a little WarioWare here and there, and I'm actually nearing the end. I'm even close to getting all the microgames and beating the scores on them.

I recently opened my SNES emulator to play Super Mario World. Oddly, I never beat the stand alone version on my emulator before. I beat Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World on the emulator, but never Super Mario World by itself. Well, I quickly changed that; I beat Super Mario World with all the secrets unlocked in a single day. Yep. Super Mario World was the first game I ever purchased in my entire life, and the SNES was my first system. So... I have some fond memories of this game.

I fixed a few errors on my site with the help of my cousin, who pointed them out, mostly in the N64 ROMs section. As it turns out, I forgot to link some of the new N64 ROMs I got, and so I did that today. You might want to go check that out now, if you want. I got some good ones.

Forget what I said about drawing; I suck at it. I can't draw jack. I'm almost certain to not hand draw my own comic.

Ah, the past is such a great place...


As you probably already guessed, I stopped updating the XOOM site, for the simple fact that they'll probably take it down soon.

I've played Shinobi for a bit; beat several levels and such. So far, it's not as hard as most people made it out to be, but there were many annoying bits. Now, though, I got to a boss that just seems impossible. I tried to defeat him about 700 times in a single day. I just couldn't. I thought I was doing something wrong, but then I read an FAQ on how to kill him and found out that I was doing precisely the right thing. It was just too hard. Sadly, I might stop playing it. I see no way for me to defeat this boss. There's a slight possibility that I might, but I highly doubt it.

I guess it's back to WarioWare... Shinobi is certainly not a bad game, I just wish beating it would be humanly possible, so that I can at least finish it. Shinobi is a cool game, though. It has style. The crazy ninja moves you can do, running on walls... even when I made a mistake, it looked cool (except getting slaughtered by the boss). Shinobi, in essence, isn't a bad game. It's just too hard for normal people like me to enjoy it. Oh well.

I've been drawing lately... not sure why. I'm going to mess around and see if I can draw anything good. If I can, then maybe I can draw the comic myself. If that's possible, then the only thing left is the story... hmm.


Not much to say today. My copy of Shinobi arrived yesterday and I'm going to try it out now.

I've added a link to the links section; Megatokyo. If you're a gamer, then there's a large probability that your dream is to visit Japan, and maybe even live there. After all, Japan is the "heaven" for gaming. Ahem, anyway, the Megatokyo comic is very interesting. I still haven't read through the entire archive, but I'm attempting that now.

On a side note, I removed XOOM from the links section. I recently received an e-mail claiming that my site is wasting too much space, and I must cut down on the file size if I want to keep my account. Well, screw you, XOOM.


My copy of Shinobi should arrive today.

I don't have much to say now. I already did nearly everything I can with the site. I won't be getting more 32X ROMs for a while, and I can't think of anything more to update at the moment.

I haven't played many games lately, which is surprising. I'm going to start playing WarioWare again. As for Dynasty Warriors 4, I lost all interest in it. I might return to it once more, but chances of that are very low.

Oh, and remember, the new site address is: www.gamertavern.dynu.com!!! Be sure to change your bookmarks if you have any!!! Bwahaha!


The NES and Sega Genesis ROM sections should work now, and I've cleaned up the code and changed a few names, too. Now all that's left for the ROM section is the 32X ROMs. I only have one, though. I need to change that. I'm going to see if I can add a few, then the section will go up. Also, the entire emulator section is now up. I was also nice enough to add many new emulators here and there, and properly name each one. I even supplied the version numbers! That's not all! I've just added Game Gear ROMs and Game Gear emulators! Bwahaha! I'm working so hard today!

Remember, the new site's URL is: www.gamertavern.dynu.com. Be sure to tell all your friends (if you have any) to change their bookmark (if they have one)!!! Also, you shouldn't really be at the XOOM site anymore, since I will not continue updating it, except for the front page news. I won't even update the News Archive for it.

Everything's pretty much done. All sections are up, and I added a boatload of new stuff to each one. All I need to do right now is add a bit more 32X ROMs. I can't find any at the moment, though. So that'll just have to wait until later. Enjoy the site! I shall take a break for now...


Since most of it is ready, I'll let you see it right away. The link for my infinite space site is: www.gamertavern.dynu.com. Be sure to change your bookmark if you had one. I won't update the XOOM site much, so it'll be better for you to just go on ahead to the other one. I still didn't finish everything, though. For instance, though I did manage to rename and re-link most of the ROMs, the NES and 32X ROMs are still down. I'm currently working on them as we speak, so that won't last long. Also, all the emulators are down, and I'll take a little longer to fix that. Other than that, though, everything else works. Back to work for me...


Work for my new and improved site with infinite space (sort of) is going nicely. I'm not doing anything major like an overhaul, but I'm doing many of the things I've had on my mind recently, like splitting the Game Boy and Game Boy Color section into two separate sections. I've got a lot done so far, so the entire thing should be working soon.

There's really only two problems:

1) The site on its new location, which has infinite space, mind you, isn't up all day long. So I might do something where it redirects you to the old XOOM hosted site when it's not up. This is a bad thing, of course, as I won't update the XOOM site anymore.

2) The site will probably be much slower. I really can't say for sure, but I imagine that it'd be slower. This is obviously not a good thing for you, the visitor of the site.

Other than those two things, everything should be fine. Those two small factors do make a large difference, though. In fact, they make all the difference. People (like me) lose interest in a site that is not up around the clock, and is slow. Hopefully, it won't be too bad.

I've begun to play WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$ a while ago. I haven't played it much, but so far, it's been a blast; a very fun and interesting game. It's one of those select few games that Nintendo uses their "Japanese Humor" (insanity) to spice things up with, just like EarthBound.

I still haven't totally given up on Dynasty Warriors 4, but I'm not playing it as much as before. That's bad, considering how I still have around 37 characters to max out... or was it 38? I've lost count.

That's all for now. Nothing much more to say. Look out for the new update and new link, so that you can change your bookmarks. If you had one, that is.


Ah-ha! I think I've found my problem!! The site might be back to normal soon!!! Woo! Yep, that's true. I lost overall interest in the site when the problem first arrived, which is why I took so long to solve it. Anyway, there will be a new address to the site soon, which I will post when all things are ready. Currently, it's possible to access the site on its new location, but you won't be able to download anything. I haven't set up the ROMs and downloads yet. Sorry if the news have been a bit gloomy lately, but I really lost hope at first.

In other news, I'm still playing Dynasty Warriors 4, but I'm getting very bored of it. 42 characters to max out is a tad too much for me. It takes a considerable amount of time to max out each character, too. I have so many different games I would like to finish at the moment, but Dynasty Warriors 4 is holding everything up, so I might just skip it. Games I would like to play are: Lufia 1 and 2 for SNES, Lufia for Game Boy Color, Lufia for GBA, WarioWare for GBA, and I'm planning to purchase Shinobi for the PS2. There are countless others, but I can't remember them at the moment.

As for the bad news, there is a probability that what I think will fix the site's problem won't work. If it doesn't, I'm fresh out of ideas, and might just give up. I'm sure it will work, though. So no worries there. A few people tried it out, and it works, so... that's about it for now. I'll get to work setting things up, etc... or, I might just get lazy and do nothing...

One last thing before I go. I did not solve this on my own. It would not be possible without the help of a very good friend of mine, Hiddukel. He also helped me with countless things in the past, which all led up to the site, one way or another.


To tell the truth, I had many SNES and N64 ROMs waiting right here on my hard drive, ready to be uploaded a while back. I still do. I just plainly can't upload them for the obvious reason of having no space left.

Anyone who visits this site, and knows of The Cult of Kefka, may be wondering why you keep receiving a 403 message upon trying to visit it. RandyGophr, the site's webmaster and a good friend of mine, who helped me with my site, hasn't been online for a long while. It's been several months, I think. I e-mailed him, but he never answered. I suspect he's tremendously busy. And so, since there was absolutely no way to find the answer by asking him, I investigated. I tried accessing the main site for his host, Madasafish. Luckily, it was working. I skimmed through it, reading most of the news, and found out that, indeed, they were doing some changes that would bring down all the Madasafish hosted sites for a while. So, no worries there, I think... as for RandyGophr himself, I'm pretty sure he's fine. Believe it or not, he does have a life outside of the computer, and it isn't just gaming.

As for my site... I'm sure I'll eventually come up with something, sooner or later. It's quite odd, actually. The people over at Arch Nacho and Tortilla Godzilla's Quality ROMs are having some hosting troubles, as well. Their main host seems to have... uh... stopped hosting? It's something like that. I offered them some help, claiming that XOOM has infinite space and bandwidth, and that all of their problems would be solved with it. Boy, do I feel stupid now, eh? Even worse still, I ran into the space problem right after talking big about XOOM.

I've been thinking, and I might try to sign up to Madasafish again, but who knows when they will be back up and running once more. Not only that, but the reason why Madasafish isn't my host here and now is, because... well.. nothing happened. I signed up normally and everything, and... nothing happened; absolutely nothing. I tried again and again, and eventually, I had several accounts on just Madasafish alone. I couldn't really use any of them, although my accounts did in fact exist. I gave up soon after and later found XOOM. This was a long time ago. Maybe a year ago? I might have to investigate this matter, as well. I might just find a way...

There are just so many ROMs I would like to add right about now, but I simply can't. That angers me. I have about 10 SNES ROMs, a few Sega Genesis ROMs, and around 18 Nintendo 64 ROMs. Oh well...


Hmm... there's been a rather large lack of updates lately... I wonder why...

In any case, I've beaten Xenosaga. I did most of the secrets, but I didn't get every secret item, every tech, skill, and didn't level to 99. I didn't do any of that stuff. Why, you ask? Well, the build up system of Xenosaga has one glaring flaw: it's almost impossible to build everything up to the max. Simply because they all require so many points, and all these points are hard to get (except for experience points). Some require ridiculous amounts of points later in the game. I think the reason for this is the same as Golden Sun: they plan on making a second Xenosaga game, which will take place directly after the first one, as far as the story goes. And so, you can save a "Clear Data" file, which can no longer be used. Instead, you'll be able to transfer it into the second Xenosaga, just like the Golden Sun nonsense. Obviously, since I just went through the game normally, without really leveling much of anything, I didn't save a clear data file yet. I might do so later, when the second Xenosaga game is nearing its release date.

As you probably guessed, since there is going to be plenty more Xenosaga games in the future (about 6, from what I've heard), they barely resolve anything in the first one's story, also just like Golden Sun. Since there's 6 Xenosaga games planned, there probably won't be anything resolved in the second one, either. Nothing will be resolved until the last one, probably. It was at least longer than Golden Sun.

After beating Xenosaga, I then tried out my new copy of Dynasty Warriors 4. I have to say, the game has been fun so far. It's hard to give it a proper genre, since it's a mixed bag. Firstly, you can level up your weapon and you can level up your bodyguards. And, um, you can find items on the field that give you stats. You can equip accessories to increase your stats, as well. That's the RPG side of it done away with.

When looking at the many menus, one would think this is a strategy game. It isn't. Or, rather, it's what a strategy game would look like if you only controlled a single character. The game plays like an action RPG, as you can run around freely, swinging around your weapon. That makes it an action adventure. Add the RPG elements, and it's bumped up to an action RPG. For some reason, they like to show enemy movements and a map as if you're playing a strategy game. While it is useful to know where the enemy is, they don't really need to present it like that. However, it is fun to view what you did from a strategy game point of view. You mostly run around tapping the attack button. That about sums up the game play. It's fun, though. Like I always say, at the end of the day, games are all about fun. Most of these new generation games seem to lose sight of that.

The story seems to be based on real historical facts. It takes place in Ancient China, during the time of the Three Kingdoms. Blah, blah, blah. There's the story. I personally don't really care for it.

The game is made by Koei. Koei used to make some pretty good strategy games for the SNES. I think they were named Romance of the Three Kingdoms, although I may be wrong. Yep, you guessed it. Those three kingdoms referred to in the title are the same three kingdoms from Dynasty Warriors 4.

This game is rather challenging, though. That's very bad, but I still think it's playable. I don't like challenge, though. Challenge = Evil. Evil = Bill Gates. Bill Gates = Satan. I hope you learned something from that.

For some reason, they use rock music in this game. You'd expect some Chinese tunes or something. The rock music totally doesn't fit the game. It doesn't sound particularly interesting, either. It always just fades into the background. That's pretty much it, really. Nothing much else to say.

Oh, if you're wondering about the site, I've got something in the works. Unfortunately, I've ran into some problems, and I don't know when I can solve them. It might be a long time before I can.


Nothing really new to report today... except for the fact that I don't even have enough space to upload April to the News Archive. Oh well, you either have read it already, or don't care, so it's no big deal. I'm keeping it safe on my hard drive, though. So it's not lost, and will probably be up if I manage to have more space...

Ah, yes... what will I do to fix this problem? Well, quite frankly, I'm not too sure. There's several things. I can host the entire site on my computer, or I can host all the actual pages on XOOM, and the downloads (being the bulk of the site) on my PC. If I do the latter, I'll probably have to re-link every blasted download. I think I'll try to host the entire site myself, and see how that goes. If it sucks, the XOOM one will still be there, so no worries. I really don't want to resort to hosting the pages on XOOM and the downloads on my PC, simply for the fact that I must link all the downloads again.

One thing's for sure; I am not going to pay for hosting. If everything fails, and it comes down to paying for hosting, I may as well give up. You see, paying for hosting wouldn't be so bad if the site pays itself, but it doesn't, and probably never will. Right now, at this exact moment, I simply don't feel like dealing with the site. Sure, I will eventually, just not at the moment. And hey, there are still quite a few ROMs, music, and images you can download. I haven't taken a single one of those things down.

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