12/31/2002 (Post 2)

The changes to the "Site History" section have been done. I found some broken links there, too, which I just fixed. I'll still do a large update tomorrow, so don't worry...

12/31/2002 (Post 1)

Tomorrow is a new year. I have a new design planned for the "Site History" section, so you might want to look into that. I think I'm going to a New Years party later today. Don't worry; I still haven't forgotten about things like the comic and image section. I'll try to deal with those things much later.


Tomorrow is going to be the day where most people do this "New Years" thingie. I'd like to say that my hunt for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was completely successful. Not only that, but I also got pretty far in it. Hmm... maybe I should do something special tomorrow... nahhh!


I'm going to Electronics Boutique today to see if I can buy a copy of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Hopefully, I'll be lucky and find a brand new copy sitting right there for me. I won't really update anything for a while, really. I don't feel like doing the image section yet. It's too much work for now. Also, I'm still practicing with Photoshop to see if I can develop the usual skills for making a comic... it's within reach, I think.

12/28/2002 (Post 3)

My cousin came over to my house. I tried Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and it was fun. I plan to buy it. Now, for the update. Yep, I've actually got an update! That's very impressive indeed. I added two ROMs for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color ROM section. The ROMs' names are Parodius and Pocket Bomberman. These are very rare ROMs. I never knew a Parodius existed for the Game Boy. And so, my update has been done.

12/28/2002 (Post 2)

There has been a slight change of plans. My cousin might come over to my house and bring Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Also, I just got back. Now what does this nonsense have to do with my site? Nothing, really.

Anyway, I've been working on my Photoshop skills and downloading/ripping sprites for my comic. Nothing has been decided yet as to what I will do, I'm just practicing and getting a feel for this comic stuff. About my hand drawn comic that I was planning to make... I don't think I'll make it. Frankly, for a hand drawn comic, you need to, you know, draw well. And I sort of draw, you know, poorly. So this means I probably won't make a hand drawn comic. This is actually sort of good for you, as you won't have to stare at terrible drawings. I have hope for the sprite comic, though. It seems very possible.

12/28/2002 (Post 1)

I'm going out once again today... couldn't go Tuesday because of the holidays, so I'm going today. Also, I might go to my cousin's house to try out Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


I might go to my cousin's house tomorrow to try out this new game everybody seems to like called Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. As for today, I'm going to play some Final Fantasy VI. Why? Because I feel like it. I doubt I'll make an update for now.


Ah, it's time now for some much awaited rest... in short, there's no update.



12/24/2002 (Post 2)

Here's my present to the people who visit this site (which is no one)! I've got a pretty good update up. Here's what I've updated: I added a new ROM. The name is Final Fantasy Legend 3. It's for the Game Boy. That's pretty much it, really. The other update consists of me correcting a broken link *GASP!* Anyway, enjoy Christmas!

12/24/2002 (Post 1)

I ordered some new speakers a long time ago, and they finally arrived. Now I need to connect them correctly. So far, I only got the two front ones working. The others don't seem to be doing anything. This thing didn't even come with a booklet! None of the wires and connections are even labeled! Anyway, this means I'll be pretty busy and won't be able to update the site. Also, tomorrow is Christmas. And, today, I'm having a pre-Christmas thingie, so this will take away even more of my time. In short, no updates for a while, once again.


It's going to be Christmas soon, and that means I'll be very busy... meaning I won't update the site much. It's not like you care or anything. Well, I'm going to rest before that time... those last few updates I gave the site really took it out of me.


I just added a new link to the links section. It's yet another sprite comic; pretty good, too. You should all go check it out sometime. Also, I'm playing around in Photoshop with sprites and stuff. I'm trying to figure out how this sprite comic thing works.

12/21/2002 (Post 3)

I've got one last minute update left. I found out that one of my ROMs had an older version of a patch (a translation patch). Anywho, I took care of it.

12/21/2002 (Post 2)

Hooray! An update! Instead of bothering you with my boring talk, let me just quickly tell you about the new update I made. I've added TWO ROMs!!! The ROMs are (I will no longer make links in this news thingie, so go look for them yourself; the site is easy enough to navigate) Mega Man Xtreme and Mega Man Xtreme 2. These are both for the Game Boy Color. Go download 'em! Read the legal disclaimer first, though. And, obviously, agree to it and do what it says.

12/21/2002 (Post 1)

I must venture outside today, so I probably won't be able to update the site... no matter, as I'm done with the remodel (actually, that's not really a good name for it, as only I see the difference). If I feel a bit better later today, I might try to make an update. Don't get your hopes up, though.

12/20/2002 (Post 4)

Phew...the remodel has been done. All links and files have been changed, and I think most of them work. I don't have time to check every single one. I did check a lot of them, though. As you noticed, I took down the remodel sign. The only section that isn't working is the image section. Not like it was any good in the first place, anyway. I'm planning to revive it in a better form, though. I'm just very tired/lazy from doing all that other work. Well, enjoy the site. Report any broken links you see.

12/20/2002 (Post 3)

I've done the first phase of my remodeling. I moved all the files around into proper folders. Now for the second half. The second half consists of me manually typing out all the links for everything, as now, they all have different names and are located in new folders. I'm rather surprised that I got this far today. Also, if you haven't already noticed, I've put up a "remodeling" sign. I'll take it down once I'm done.

12/20/2002 (Post 2)

I've got an update! It's a miracle! An update has been made! It's a rather small one, but... it's one nonetheless. What's the update? I finally changed the image section so it follows the new design. This gave me an idea for the music section, which will be another big-long-hefty update that takes almost a year to complete. I have a problem, though: I need to sort out all my files, putting them into folders so everything doesn't look so messed up. I'll have to change some links, though. Actually, I'll have to change ALL the links. This will be time consuming; very time consuming. But, if I can pull it off, things will be more organized... at least, for me.

This will also need some heavy planning, as I need to think up of a way to do all this without causing broken links for a large period of time. So if I were to change all the links, then manage the files later, everything will become a broken link until I'm done, and vice versa. Anyway, this means the site will receive something called "downtime." At least, that's what I think it's called. Either way, most of the content on my site won't be available for a while, depending on whether I chicken out before doing anything. Well, wish me luck!

12/20/2002 (Post 1)

I'm done with Final Fantasy V. I've done everything I can, including killing the final boss, getting to level 99, and mastering all the jobs. So it's time to start on another game... I don't really know which one I will redo to completeness yet... anyway, I might try to do something for the site. We'll see.


I'm going out on Saturday. As you know, next week has this Christmas stuff. I'm also still trying to level my characters all the way to 99... in Final Fantasy V.


I didn't have time to do anything today once again. I suspect I'll have more time around Saturday and Sunday. Although, I'm going to a few places around those days, seeing as how it's Christmas and all.


I went out today, so I barely had time to do anything on my computer. To top it all off, I came back later than normal. So, as you can guess, I couldn't do much of anything today. As for Final Fantasy V... I still have a long way to go. Getting to level 99 seems a bit harder than I thought.


I'm too tired today. I can't really update. I might try to get some new ROMs up later (later, as in, a LONG time later, unless we're lucky). I still didn't beat Final Fantasy V. Hehe, I've been slacking off...


Bleh... I'm still planning how the image section will go. By the way, I'm almost done with Final Fantasy V. What do I mean by "done?" Completely completed! That means doing every single side quest there is to do, getting every single item there is to collect, every single Esper, blue magic, getting to level 99, etc. Once I'm done, I'll devote more time to the site. Until then... there won't be many updates.


The next "big update" I'm planning is going to be the image section. It's still following my old design. My problem is this: I need to think of a way to make it work; a completely new design, in short. This, of course, will take me some time of pondering and testing. That way, I'll find the best way. Oh, and there's no update today.


Uhh... I'm still doing some other stuff; too busy to update. Besides, I don't really know what to update... everything's in order... ah well.


Eh, there's no update today. I'm busy doing some other stuff. So sorry... oh well.

12/11/2002 (Post 3)

Oops, I've got another update. I noticed that I forgot to check on VisualBoyAdvance's site. They updated TWICE already! So I got it covered; I now have the latest version. Be sure to go download it now.

12/11/2002 (Post 2)

I have an extremely big update today. It's rather surprising, as I was playing Final Fantasy V, and I didn't plan to stop until I beat it... anyway, the update's there, so go enjoy it. What's the update, you ask? Okay, let me explain; I added the section name to the title (that little thing at the top of your window where you see my site name; it's usually blue in most Windows OSes). So not only will you see my site name on every page, but you will also see the name of that current page. Also, I changed a lot of other bits here and there. Nothing important enough to announce, though. Well, that's it for today.

12/11/2002 (Post 1)

Ahem... like I said yesterday, I beat Final Fantasy IV and did everything in it, including all the side quests. Now I'm off to play Final Fantasy V, so the site won't really receive another update for awhile, really. Oh well. It doesn't absolutely need one.

12/10/2002 (Post 2)

BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I BEAT FINAL FANTASY IV!!! AND I LEVELED MY PEOPLE TO 99!!! Yay!!! I'm so almighty!!! Fear my extreme power! Cower before my EXTREME power! Bwahahaha!!!

12/10/2002 (Post 1)

I'm busy... going out... again. Eh, I'm nearly done with Final Fantasy IV. Once I'm done, I might start on Final Fantasy V, which will take another large period of time. Oh well.


I'm still busy playing Final Fantasy IV... I'm planning to beat it completely. Yes, that includes getting to level 99, which will take ages. Anyway, I have no time to update the site today.


Er... I'm busy at the moment, so... I'll hold all current updates ;).


No update yet. I'm playing Final Fantasy IV all over again. I'm going to beat it. So, until then, I won't really update the site. Oh well...


I might try to do another big update today... or I might not. The great news is, I have a big update in mind that can be done easily. I'm just not sure if I'll do it today. As for the image section... I'll leave that for later.

12/05/2002 (Post 4)

BIG UPDATE!!! EXTREMELY BIG UPDATE!!! I've completely finished redesigning the music section; ALL of it is done. THE END. All that's left now is the image section, which I will do another time. Ahh... it's time now for some serious resting...

12/05/2002 (Post 3)

I just finished another update... it's very small, really. It's nothing anyone would really care about; even I almost don't care about it. Heh, if you haven't already noticed, I'm trying to put off that update... for the music section. That's going to need lots of work...

12/05/2002 (Post 2)

Well, yet another update has been done. I've changed all the months' names into their respective numbers. Anyway, I might try to change the music section so that its design is up-to-date with the rest of my site.

12/05/2002 (Post 1)

I'm planning to change the way I date things. Instead of putting the month name, then everything else, I'm just going to put it all in number form. It's much more proper this way. This, of course, will take some time, as I need to change it for all the other news thingies... other than that, I won't do much today. I'm far too tired...

12/04/2002 (Post 2)

Since I didn't update the site for so long, I made another big update yet again today. Basically, I just changed a few names to make them smaller, like those Game Boy sections. This is much harder than it sounds, as I need to change ALL the links leading there, as well. That's why I will no longer post links in these news thingies. Also, I finally made a Game Boy Advance emulators section to put a few GBA emulators in. And I have different Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulators. You might want to check a few of these things out. I'll see if I can do anything with the music and image sections today...

12/04/2002 (Post 1)

As everyone already knows, I've beaten Metroid Prime. I might go back to collect some of those missile expansions I missed, but there seems to be no actual point. Anyway, I now have more time for the site. I'm using this spare time to conjure up a plan for my comic...

I still have some other things on the site that I need to do... such as changing the design for my music and images sections. This, no doubt, will take some time... I'll see what I can do.


With such a big update yesterday, I don't think the site needs another one today. I'm just going to rest a bit; I feel very tired... oh, also, I'm going out again today (remember; it's every Tuesday). So even if I have enough energy, there still probably won't be an update.

12/02/2002 (Post 2)

Wow, an update. It's a really big one, too. I've learned something new from my friend again. This new trick I learned makes the site look much better with little effort. Again, my thanks go to RandyGophr, as he is the one that taught me this new trick.

12/02/2002 (Post 1)

Finally, I've beaten Metroid Prime. The last boss was way easier than I thought. The only thing I have left to do is collect all those extra items, which I might not do... we'll see...

12/01/2002 (Post 2)

I've added a new link to the links section. It's RPG World; a website that has some pretty neat comics. You should go check it out. Eh... that's all... oh well.

12/01/2002 (Post 1)

It's a new month today. I have good news and bad news... the good news? I'm nearly done with Metroid Prime. What's the bad news? The boss is tough. It killed me... once. I'll try to beat the game so I can get back to work on the site...

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