Nothing much happening today. For some reason, I skipped playing Metroid Prime yesterday... and the day before that... so I'm going to try and not skip it today. If I get it done, I'll start paying more attention to the site...


Hmm... new month coming soon... and when that happens, all this news will go into the Site History section. This way it won't be so clogged up. Anyway, nothing much to say today. I'm sort of resting... that update yesterday sort of took away lots of my energy... also, I'm still playing Metroid Prime. I suspect that I will be done soon. I'd be done sooner if I wasn't so lazy...

11/28/2002 (Post 2)

Heh, amazing; I actually got off my lazy butt and did something. What exactly did I do, you ask? I fixed a few typing errors, changed some things so that it won't cause bugs in weird browsers, etc. The change you'd probably want to hear about, though, is... to one of my ROMs. I had a messed up Final Fantasy VI ROM; I finally fixed that, so go download it. The only dumb thing is that it has to be the official translation. I might, however, figure out a way to get the unofficial translation unbugged... we will see. Until then, enjoy what I've done. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

11/28/2002 (Post 1)

It's Thanksgiving! So... give many thanks! Heh, I am going somewhere today *GASP!* Don't worry; I'll be back soon. It's not like I'm going to update the site, anyway... I'm almost done with Metroid Prime. All I need to do is collect a bunch of stat upgrades, the... somethings that I need to open the last level, and... kill the last boss. That's pretty much it. Well... have a great Thanksgiving!!!


Thanksgiving is coming around soon, and I'm almost done with Metroid Prime... hopefully I will be back to the site by then. Well... er... yeah, no update today...


Eh... maybe I should stop these pointless updates... nah...


...I'm still alive, and I'm still not making any updates to this site. I'm also still playing Metroid Prime... not like anyone cares, though. Oh well.


My connection has been messing up again... no matter, as I wasn't spending much time on the computer anyway. I'm still playing lots of Metroid Prime. Until I'm done, I won't give the site a proper update... oh well.


I'm finally getting used to Metroid Prime. My eyes are better. Now, what does this mean? It means no updates for a while... well, I must go! Go I must!!


Er... I'm not feeling very good today... not good enough for an update, anyway. So... no update once again... oh well... it's not like you, or anyone would die of no updates, right?


No update today, and there will be none for quite some time. At least, until I beat Metroid Prime with 100% ;). As you can guess, this will take a while. Well, back to the game!!!


Today... is some day... (darn, I use that line too many times). I completely forgot what day it is, as you can see. Anyway, I got something today. It's... Metroid Prime! This means that updates will be lacking for a while, as I will be playing this game instead of being on my computer. Well, that's all for now. It's time to go and have fun! *runs off*


Today... is Tuesday. And... I need to go out again. Remember, it's every Tuesday. So no updates today, unless, of course, we're lucky... which I am sure we are not.

11/18/2002 (Post 3)

Yes, I was right; another update has been made. This is bigger than usual. What's the update? I've added three more ROMs to the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) ROM section. I don't feel like telling you what they are, so just go and find out yourself. Also, always view the legal disclaimer before downloading any ROMs. Just do it, okay?!

11/18/2002 (Post 2)

Hmm... an update... that's extremely rare and strange ;). Nonetheless, I've got one. What is it, you ask? It's a new ROM! The ROM is for the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), and the name of it is Contra 3: The Alien Wars. Well, enjoy it. There might be another ROM update today. We will see.

11/18/2002 (Post 1)

Guwaahahahaha! I'm finally speaking to someone who knows what they're doing with Photoshop. After this talk, I might be able to work on a demo comic thingie. Also, I've updated a few things... too bad you can't see any of that. Well, umm... that's all. It's not much, I know... oh yeah, today is Monday... boo.

11/17/2002 (Post 2)

Nothing really new to say. I edited some Metroid Fusion and Metriod Prime pictures with Photoshop. It's nothing worth seeing, though. It did drive a few people on GameFAQs to send me endless instant messages asking for them; strange, as I've heard that people on GameFAQs are supposed to know a lot about Photoshop... guess it's not true, hehe.

11/17/2002 (Post 1)

*Yawn* I'm tired. Nothing much to say today. I just changed a few things that you don't really see, nor care about. I'm still practicing with Photoshop. Ah well... I'm really tired... *yawn*


Today... is Saturday! What a great day... sorry for such a late update, but I was extremely busy, plus I decided to sleep in today. I was soooo tired and haven't had good sleep in a while. The good news? I'm getting closer to making the comic. I practiced on Photoshop a lot today. Other than that, there's not much that's new. Oh well.


Today... is Friday; the day right before Saturday, which is then followed by Sunday. These two days are good. I really don't know why, but they just are. Anyway, no update today, once again. Nothing really to report. As for the comic... I'm still learning how to use Photoshop. I am also clearing out other stuff that I need to do. This means everything is going according to plan. Well, that's it for now.


No update today. I'm really tired and don't feel like finding something that my site lacks to update. Oh, and about the comic; it will eventually get done, just not at the moment. When I do the comic, I'm going to do it all the way. Not halfway; ALL the way. This is the reason why I'm clearing out other stuff that I needed to get done ages ago, so an update is unlikely today.

11/13/2002 (Post 2)

Ah, I nearly forgot; a while ago, I added the newest version of SNES9X, as it was updated some time ago. Well, that's all I got to report. Now time for me to do other things...

11/13/2002 (Post 1)

Today, is some kind of day... not sure which one; I've completely forgotten. Well, I've completely completed Metroid Fusion. It was a great game. Anyway, on to my site. I probably won't do much of anything today. I'm just too tired. Plus, I'm busy doing other things. It's not like the site needs any updates at the moment. Oh, and I'm still trying to figure out this Photoshop thing. It's really confusing. Well, that's it for now.


Again, I need to go out today. I go every Tuesday. So, today, is Tuesday. Monday just flew by for me... I was playing Metroid Fusion the whole day. I was also chatting with my friend on an instant messenger. He, too, was playing Metroid Fusion. We both had a lot of fun. I would like everyone to know that, my friend, RandyGophr, has helped me with a lot of things. Yes, some of those things involve my site. He taught me HTML and hex; through an instant messenger, of course, as he lives far, far, FAR away from me. Also, whenever I was in a pickle, he'd help out. This site wouldn't be possible if he didn't help me, especially if he didn't teach me HTML and hex. I just thought I should share this with everyone, as he was, and still is, what made this site possible. Also, I wanted to give him some credit on the site. Well, I must be off. Remember what I said earlier? That's where I'm off to... I might not be able to fit in another update today...

11/11/2002 (Post 3)

In a short amount of time (actually, it took longer than I expected...), I've finally redesigned the whole emulators section. So every section related to the emulators are up-to-date with my new design. This only leaves the music and images sections left. Well, I am now going to take a break. I might do another update today, but I don't have anything in mind. So I probably won't.

11/11/2002 (Post 2)

Somehow, I've put together an update. It's pretty big, too. Anyway, the update is this: I've completely finished the redesign for the whole ROMs section. Exactly; I've redesigned the Nintendo and Sega Genesis ROMs sections. So now that part is complete. My next target is the emulators section, which should be rather easy.

11/11/2002 (Post 1)

Hmm... I've been doing a lot lately, and that's increasing every moment. I'll try and put together another update today. Don't get your hopes up, though. Also, I've been practicing with Photoshop to see if I can figure a few things out. Once I know the things I need to know, I will start working on a comic. It might not be a part of the two main comics that I will make. Maybe it'll just be a preview of what I've learned.

11/10/2002 (Post 3)

Well, here's some more good news (actually, this happened a while ago, and I forgot to report it...): I finally got... Photoshop! Now I can finally start making the comic... after I learn how to use Photoshop. This is a lot harder than it sounds. It will take me some time to get used to how it works. Even then, there will probably be a load of things that I do not know how to do. I am going to also try and draw something in my spare time (which is fleeting), and use Photoshop to add graphics to it. Well, I'm tired, so that's it for now. I don't think there will be anymore updates today, but who knows. I sometimes surprise myself.

11/10/2002 (Post 2)

I changed the way the Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulators section looks. Yes, I've also changed the name. Well, yet again, that's the update. Sorry for it being so small.

11/10/2002 (Post 1)

I just added the latest version of Visual Boy Advance, as they updated today. Well, that's it for now.


Today is Saturday!!! It's the first day of rest, and I am going to do just that; rest... I worked super hard yesterday. That is why I deserve some rest. Well, I might get an update ready for today, but the chances are slim; even more slim than yesterday. And I don't feel any of that good luck thingie... so pretty much no update. Well, time now for some rest...

11/08/2002 (Post 7)

Here's the last and final update for today: I completely redesigned the Super Nintendo ROMs section. It took me ages, but it is finally done. Phew... I also edited a bunch of other stuff that I forgot. Well, time for some sleep... ZzzzzzzzzZZZzzzzz...

11/08/2002 (Post 6)

Wow, looks like today is the official day of Game Boy and Game Boy Color ROMs, because I've just added three more. And they are as rare as you can get. The ROMs are Game and Watch Gallery, Game and Watch Gallery 2, and Game and Watch Gallery 3. Well, that's it for now, yet again. I fear (actually, I'm quite happy) that this might be the end of the ROM updates for a loooong time. Who knows; there might be more in a few seconds or even tomorrow. Again, the chances are slim. For some reason, lately, slim chances seem to be good. Well, time for my break... I've worked hard...

11/08/2002 (Post 5)

I think this is it; two more new ROMs have been added (and they're quite rare, too). These ROMs are both for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. The ROMs are Dragon Warrior 1 and 2 and Dragon Warrior 3. Well, enjoy! Oh and, don't forget to view the legal disclaimer before downloading any ROMs!!!

11/08/2002 (Post 4)

Wow, another update. The update? It's another new ROM! This ROM is for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. Now, on to the good part; what IS the ROM? The ROM is Mario and Yoshi. Well, I hope you are all happy with all these rare ROMs and all... oh, and remember, ALWAYS read the legal disclaimer before downloading any of the ROMs.

11/08/2002 (Post 3)

Here's another update! I added yet another ROM for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. This ROM is pretty rare and hard to find, so be glad someone like me has it. The ROM is Lufia: The Legend Returns. There might be more updates today, although it's still a rather slim chance.

11/08/2002 (Post 2)

I just added another ROM. This ROM is for Game Boy and Game Boy Color. The name of the ROM is Mario Tennis! Well, that's it for this update. I might add another ROM later. Maybe...

11/08/2002 (Post 1)

Today is Friday, which is right before Saturday, the day of rest... followed by a second day called Sunday; this day is the second day of rest. We have two days of rest, and I am thankful for that. Anyway, I just did a little tweak that most people won't really notice. I'm still redesigning the other sections, as well. Also, I came up with an idea... here's my idea: after I release the hand drawn comic, and it gets well on its way, I might make a side comic using Final Fantasy VI sprites and using its storyline. The storyline will be slightly edited by me, of course. I might do this. I am not sure. We will just have to find out, though... heh.

11/07/2002 (Post 4)

Guwahahahah! I just did something so small that took so long, and it drained all my energy! So no more updates for today. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have more energy... yeah, maybe.

11/07/2002 (Post 3)

Wow, I didn't know I would make another update. I just changed the look of the ROMs section. As you know, eventually, I will change the look of all the sections, which will make it easier for the both of us. Also, I might just put together another update. Of course, the chances are slim for such a thing.

11/07/2002 (Post 2)

Yet another last minute update. I found out that the Final Fantasy VI ROM I had was corrupted, mainly because of my older computer. So I got a new one that seems to work fine. I'll play through it later to see if it has any problems. Well, that is it for today. Sorry for such a small update, yet again.

11/07/2002 (Post 1)

Today, is some day. I forgot what day it is today. So, DON'T sue me. Hmm... I might try to update a few things, as many things NEED to be updated... well, that's it for now. I didn't update anything. Sorry for such a short... news post. Not like this is really news, anyway. Oh well.

11/06/2002 (Post 2)

Here's a last minute update, and it's a big one, too! Okay... ummm, I've added two ROMs. They are both for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. One is Tetris and the other is Tetris DX. I've also changed how the Game Boy and Game Boy Color ROMs section looks like. Well, enjoy. There's more to come tomorrow. At least, I hope so. Also, if you're wondering, I am still redesigning the other sections of my site. It's taking longer than I thought. Oh well, it'll get done sooner or later. One last thing: my AOL account is messed up. It just doesn't want to work. So I can't recieve any instant messages through AIM. The others work fine, though, and my e-mail is always working fine. Well, that's it for today.

11/06/2002 (Post 1)

Nothing really new to report today. I decided to take a break and do a few other things in my life instead of work so hard on the site, especially since no one knows that this site exists. Well, time now for me to go and play some games! Oh, and if you actually DO know that this site exists, then please, contact me. I would love to hear something from you people. If there are any, that is.


Today is Tuesday. It's day that comes after Monday, but is right before Wednesday. And Wednesday is not too far behind Thursday, which isn't too far behind Friday, and possibly Saturday. Anyway, I'm busy today, so I might not have enough time to work on the site. With said that, I did do a few updates. It's nothing major, just little tweaks here and there. Well, that's it for now.

11/04/2002 (Post 5)

Too much stuff has been changed. I forgot half of what I changed. Just enjoy how everything seems to work perfectly. I'll try to finish up each section in due time; probably won't be able to do it all today.

11/04/2002 (Post 4)

I just added these little dot thingies to the main menu, and to other... stuff. Why? Well, not only because it's more organized, but also, it will clear up some confusion with the selections, especially for people with lower resolutions. Well, work is waiting for me... so I need to return to it...

11/04/2002 (Post 3)

Bwahahahahha!!! I just successfully changed the "contact me" section! It doesn't look so bad. Errr... I still need to change the other sections, though. Oh well, back to work for me...

11/04/2002 (Post 2)

Ehhhh... I just finished the emulators section. Now I just need to do everything else... oh well, back to work I go...

11/04/2002 (Post 1)

Ahhh, Monday; the day of work. Work is something that most people dislike. Such people... they are just like me. What am I trying to say? Nothing, really. Anyway, I need to get to work (was that a pun? Hmmm....) on the other sections, which will take some time; lots of time. Hopefully, I will be able to completely redesign all the other sections. Today, that is. Well, back to work for me... (was that another pun?).

11/03/2002 (Post 5)

Yay! I just redesigned the legal disclaimer and links sections! As you know, the download section also has been changed. Well, that's it for today. I got to get some sleep. I'll try to do the rest tomorrow. This isn't that hard, really; it's just time consuming. Also, with how I updated the front page, I don't have to keep stuffing news and updates into my older news and updates section, as it's not blocking the main menu. Hey, main menu; that's a great name for that box. Heh.

11/03/2002 (Post 4)

I just changed how the download section looks. Surprisingly, it came out a lot better than I thought. Well, if you haven't already noticed by now, I am trying to put "the box of places" on every part of the site. That way you can have easier access to other places. It's only common sense. I am also changing how the back button looks. It looks better now and has an index button attached to it to make itself more useful. That reminds me; I also added the "index" to "the box of places." Why? Because! It just feels better that way. One bad thing will come of all this, though. What's that bad thing, you ask? It will take some serious time of experimentation to find the best look for each section. I can't just do the same exact thing. And most of the time, I mess up. When this happens, I have to find ways to fix what I did, meaning this is all very difficult for me. So, in conclusion, I might not get it done today, or tomorrow for that matter. Hopefully I will, though.

11/03/2002 (Post 3)

Wow, I just completely redesigned the front page. It looks great. I never thought I could do this good of a job. And, if you don't like it, then you are officially insane. Anyway, I will need to work a little harder now to redesign the other sections. I need the other sections to have something in common with the front page. Once I do that, we will have an organized looking site; even more than before. I mean, just look at the front page!

11/03/2002 (Post 2)

Well, I just beat one of the games I have been playing for these past few days. I still didn't beat it 100%, but I beat the last boss. I intend on getting everything, which I will do right now, in fact. Also, I was trying to get the ROMs up, but I still couldn't find them. I am going to search a little harder this time. If I find them, I will put them up ASAP (as soon as possible).

11/03/2002 (Post 1)

Nothing new for now. No new news, nor any new updates. It will be like this for a little while, as I have many other things to sort out. And, when I work on my site, I want to be working on it fulltime, not halfway or anything. So, yet again, nothing new at the moment.


Hmmm.... no update today, sorry. What's the reason for me making these false news and updates? Just to let you know that I am alive. Also, I am still finishing up my games. I'm nearly done with one of them. I sometimes surprise myself with my hidden skills. Sure, everyone might be better than me, but at least I have enough skill to beat most games decently.


Yet another month has passed. Nope, nothing special today; pretty much no update. I've been pretty busy these past few days. And I will probably be even busier the next few days. Anyway, I still haven't found those ROMs that I am trying to put up. When I do, I will put them up right away. Well, that's it for now.

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