Today... is Halloween. This day is pure evil. I do not really celebrate it (basically because of my laziness), so I am not going to do anything special today. Besides saying how evil today is. Well, I'm still finishing up my games; probably will take longer than I expected. I tried to put up a new ROM or two, but I couldn't find 'em. Ah well, it's not a big deal. Also, I just added some PlayStation 2 music. Exactly what, you ask? I'll tell you. I've added music for Final Fantasy X, Klonoa 2, and Kingdom Hearts. Well, that's pretty much it. Oh, and um... today is evil.


Well, another day has passed, and I still don't have everything I need for the comic. I just need one more thing, then I can start working on the comic. Also, I'm finishing a bunch of games I have. So until I finish all of them, I won't be doing the site full-time. Not like it needs it, though.


I just got back. I still have many things to do, so I probably won't be able to do much today. I just want to let everyone know that I am alive and well; I am just very busy. Once I get done with many of these things, I will contribute to full development of the site again. In the meantime, I have enough stuff on this site to keep most of you people happy. So, once again, enjoy what we have.

10/28/2002 (Post 2)

Well, it's late here. I gotta go to bed. Why? Because it's 11:00 PM here and I am darn sleepy. Plus, I got studies tomorrow, as well. Oh, and I need to go out once again, so updates will be lacking tomorrow... more than usual. I have lots of things to do lately, so I didn't really have enough time to draw. I will make a hand drawn comic, though. I am just waiting for a program that's going to help me do it. Once I get this program (which will be very soon, mind you), I will finally be able to not only make my comic, but also add special flashy effects. I also have a few games I would like to finish before doing some work on the site again. So, yeah, not much is new today. Well, sleep is me (that means I am going to sleep... mind you)!

10/28/2002 (Post 1)

Sorry for the late update; I just had to do some studies, which takes a while. Anyway, I still haven't drawn anything, and my friend just said: "you draw like an eight year old," or something to that effect. No, it wasn't an insult. He just informed me. I was expecting such reactions, as I know that I can't really draw well. My hopes are that I can at least draw well enough for the comic. What is enough, you ask? Just enough for you to understand what's happening. And just enough so that you can look at it without feeling the need to look away. Hey, I've seen others who draw worse than me, and they have comics that everyone loves. So even if I decide to make the comic now, it won't be so bad. Nonetheless, I am going to practice a bit more.

10/27/2002 (Post 4)

I just finished a doodle/sketch of the two main characters. Now, keep in mind, they might completely change when I finally decide to make the comic. One aspect of those two characters will stay the same, though; their hair styles. Their body and some details might change a bit later. Right now, they just look like super heroes wearing Mega Man armor. I will try to change this so that Capcom doesn't get angry. Also, I just found out that I can't really do the coloring through the computer. I need to do it by hand. So, my quest for color pencils has begun. I have a bunch scattered all over the place. Nonetheless, I decided to wait and buy a new set. So this way, it will be very organized and... new. That's when I might add colors to this drawing.

10/27/2002 (Post 3)

My Saturday didn't last very long this time. And the funny thing is that I didn't have any fun. Usually, they say, "time flies when you're having fun." For some reason, my experience went more like this "time flies when you are having absolutely no fun at all." Anyway... I am going to try and draw something again today. Whatever that may be, I might put it up on the image section, depending how good it comes out. I am sure it will come out bad as heck, just like everything I draw. I still need a lot of practice before doing the comic. So, at least by then my drawing will be decent. Decent enough for my liking, anyway.

10/27/2002 (Post 2)

I just updated something small. I changed the "Older News and Updates" section so it won't be so big. I divided it into months, so you can see all the updates for one month of that year. I will change it again as time goes by. It's just more organized. Well, time to sleep... it's 1:00 AM here so I am darned sleepy...

10/27/2002 (Post 1)

Heh, it's midnight where I live. That officially means it is now the 27th, meaning I get to update the site earlier than anyone else! Bwahahaha! Anyway, I started practicing drawing with a pencil, and I am satisfied as to how I don't completely suck. I have a little skill around there somewhere. It's just rusty. Anyway, if this keeps up by tomorrow, I might be able to release my first comic. Of course, I need to then figure out the characters, how I will draw them, and such. What of the plot, you say? It will be ongoing; never ending. There will be many little stories that do end, but the main plot will always go on. What IS the main plot you ask, again? Weirdness. Weirdness beyond all belief. Really, it won't follow an actual main plot. It will go through many, however. I really wonder how I am going to pull this off at times. I am sure I can, though. Well, that's it for now. I will try to at least release an example of my sucky drawing skills. Maybe a drawing of the two main characters, whose names are going to remain secret for a while.

10/26/2002 (Post 2)

Ummm... I decided to return the graphics tablet. In short: it sucks. Now for plan B of my hand drawn comic idea. I hand draw the comic by paper, scan it with my scanner, and edit it with some program for color, special effects, etc. Only one problem with this idea: I don't draw well enough. You could say that I flat out suck. Maybe with a little practice, and when I actually know what I am going to draw, I will be able to draw better. Don't expect anything good, though. Expect something so bad that even you can't believe it. If my drawing actually gets worse than that, then I will fall back to the far away plan C. Plan C consists of using sprites instead of really ever drawing anything. Of course, with special effects and maybe backgrounds drawn by me. Hopefully, I won't have to rely on plan C, as I really want to put my drawing skills to use. The way I am, I can make a comic anytime. I just want to wait a bit before doing so. That way you won't get something TOO sucky. Well, that's it for now.

10/26/2002 (Post 1)

Hmmm... the graphics tablet I got is very hard to use... almost as hard as trying to draw with a mouse. This disappoints me, as it would have been so great to be able to draw normally on the computer. Oh well, let me try and practice for a day or two and see how things turn out. If by this time, I still don't get used to it, then I will return it. Don't worry; I have a back up plan for my comics... it just takes longer. And if all else fails, and there is no possible way for me to hand draw my comics, I can always do sprite comics. Well, back to practicing for me!

10/25/2002 (Post 2)

Well, the image section is up and running, with the previews intact. Everything is going fine, you could say. I also bought a very cheap graphics tablet to test it out and see how it is. Hopefully by tomorrow, if the tablet is good and works correctly, I might actually have a comic up. I am waiting for another thing I need, though. So hopefully I get that other thing tomorrow. If everything goes right, then I might have a comic up... might. Well, that's it for now. I worked hard. I do deserve a break too, you know. The site is finally nearly done. I never thought I'd get this far :). Heh.

10/25/2002 (Post 1)

It is Friday today! Meaning that tomorrow is Saturday! And this is good for some unknown reason. Well, the updates... I think I found an idea good enough for the image section. I am going to try and put it into action soon after I verify that it is good. Also, I am very close to getting what I need for the comic strip section. I can't tell you how long, exactly, as I do not know, but all I know is that I am closer than ever before; really close. Maybe it'll be a week or two; possibly much less. Well, that's it for now. I will try and see what I can do with the image section...


Before doing my normal updates... here is a message for my cousin:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It's officially your birthday today! Yay!!

Ahem, well, back to my normal update... nothing really new to report. All I really did is organize my site a bit more. Anyway, I might try to change the image section so that you can see previews of what you want to download. I'll try, but don't expect anything. At least, not for today.

10/23/2002 (Post 6)

I just added some images. Don't worry; I might change them later so that you can see a preview before actually downloading them. Only thing is, this will take time, and it will make my site load slower (only the image section). So just make use of what I have now.

10/23/2002 (Post 5)

Now that the site is back in order, I plan to try and think of how I am going to do the image section. It isn't big, meaning I will have an easy time bringing it up. And the whole section can probably be done on the same day. The only problem is... I need to think of how I am going to organize it. So... it might not get done today, as I am mainly doing the planning. Remember, this section will grow later once I start making the comic strip. Oh yeah, the comic strip... well, so far, I still haven't gotten the graphics tablet... I am close, though. Not too close, but close enough. How close is enough? I really have no idea. Well, again, enjoy the site; it has much to offer as it is. Also, I suggest you take a look at the Older News and Updates section, especially if you were waiting for something new these past few days, as lots of stuff happened in a single day.

10/23/2002 (Post 4)

I put an extra link in the links section. No biggie; just thought I should mention it. Well, what are you waiting for? Go check it out!

10/23/2002 (Post 3)

I just added the... PLAYSTATION MUSIC SECTION!!! That was no easy task. It was actually a very hard task, especially because I encountered a stupid mistake I made on the way... anyway.... THE MUSIC SECTION HAS BEEN COMPLETED!!! Yes! That's right! I've added all the music that I wanted to add. If I add anything more, it will be extra. Don't worry, like I said, I will update the music section every now and then just like the ROM section. Well... enjoy the site!!!

10/23/2002 (Post 2)

Wow... I finally finished the first phase of the PlayStation music section... now all I have to do is sort, compress, upload, and link them. Then, the music section will be complete!!! Don't worry; I will still update it as I see fit, but we need to start somewhere, right? Yeah, that's what I thought. Well... back to work for me.

10/23/2002 (Post 1)

Yay! Another update today... my connection is still normal. No nonsense has happened recently, which is rare. Ummm.... yeah. Anyway, I will try and bring up as much content as I can. Hopefully, and I do mean hopefully, I will be able to fully bring up the PlayStation music section. Well, back to work for me... again.


Finally! I've gotten out of that stinking dump! What smelly dump was this, you ask? The rancid dump where there is no Internet connection whatsoever! What do I mean, you ask? My ISP/LAN (not sure which one is which... oh well) messed up and I had no access to the Internet for many days, which is why you haven't seen any updates lately. Well, now I am back, and ready for more! I figured out a nifty trick for the music section, meaning I might actually get it done soon. Sorry for the lack of updates. I am really sorry, but there was nothing I could do.

10/17/2002 (Post 4)

As you can see, I changed how the front page looks a bit. I put the legal disclaimer in its own section, so it won't distract everyone from the actual content of my site. I also organized some of the text and stuff in ways you do not know. I haven't really started on the PlayStation music section yet, mainly because I am taking a well deserved break and making my site a bit prettier. Well... now you're probably wondering,"what of the comic strip; when the heck are ya going to start drawing stuff?!" Well, today I went to Best Buy to buy my cousin his birthday present (lucky for him). While I was there, I said to myself, "hey, why don't I get that graphics tablet I need to draw the comic for the site?" And so, I searched. I found nothing. I asked one of the dummies who worked there. And, expectedly, they had no idea what the heck I was talking about. So I assumed that they don't carry such things. I also found out that they don't carry blank CDs that hold more than 700 MB... so, as can you guess, my hate for the little store sort of grew. Anyway, tomorrow I will try and see if I can go to a better store and buy that well needed graphics tablet. You do know what a graphics tablet is, right? No...? Well, let me explain. A graphics tablet is some complicated gear that lets you draw stuff on the computer using a pen instead of a mouse. This, as you no doubt guessed, will be used for the comics on my site; I will draw the comics on my site. I don't totally suck at drawing, so it won't be too bad. Anyway, stay tuned for my next update! Wow, this must be the largest update yet, though I didn't really update much of anything... heh.

10/17/2002 (Post 3)

I have even better news! The PlayStation 2 music section is fairly small, meaning I just brought it up and fully tested it. Only ONE more to go!!! Wow! I can't believe I've gotten this far. Well, I'll work on the PlayStation music section tomorrow... or today, if I feel good enough...

10/17/2002 (Post 2)

Well, my luck surely has surpassed a higher level; the Game Boy Advance music section is nearly the same size as the GameCube music section. In other words, it was so easy that I brought it up onto the site. Now, only two more music sections to go! Hehe.

10/17/2002 (Post 1)

Another day has passed. Let's see... what should I attempt to update today... if I even posses such time on my hands, which I no doubt don't. Anyway, ummm... I will try and bring up the Game Boy Advance music section. I can't make any promises, though. Hopefully, this section will be small, just like the GameCube music section. If it is, then you can expect the update. If it isn't, then, I might leave it for tomorrow or get very little done today.

10/16/2002 (Post 3)

It is around 10:00 PM (almost 11:00 PM) where I live... and I was browsing the GameCube music section to see how much I need to get done. Luckily, it may be the smallest section I have on this site. So, I took advantage of this situation and brought it up as fast as I could. I tried all the links and they seem to work fine for me. So, we advanced two steps today! Isn't it amazing? Just three more music sections, and I am done with all this music insanity! Yay! After the music section, I will bring up the image section (it is really small, and it will basically grow when I get the gear I need for the comic strip). After the image section... world domination!!! Hehe, that was a joke, if you didn't know. Well, after the image section... I will do the great comic strip section. Hopefully, by that time, I will have what I need to make the comic strip. Well, time for me to get some sleep...

10/16/2002 (Post 2)

I... just... added... the... NINTENDO 64 MUSIC SECTION!!! It was noooooooo easy job, but nonetheless, I got it done... and done nicely, too. I tested all the links, and they all seem to work fine for me. Also, I dumped some news into that place... well, if I keep this pace up, I might actually finish the music section soon. That is good news, if you can't already tell.

10/16/2002 (Post 1)

...I woke up extremely late today; around 12:00 PM (that's noon for you). Also, I had to do some school work today. So, as you guessed, I haven't had time to do anything with the site... until now. I will try once again to bring up another music section. No promises, though.

10/15/2002 (Post 2)

Well... I woke up at around 8:00 AM. That is very strange, especially right after the massive updates I made yesterday. Oh, not too mention how late I stayed up. Well... today I might try and bring up another music section. I sort of have an appointment today, so... there is a very low percentage of a huge update like that. Oh and, I still haven't got what I need to make the comic strip. Eventually, when all the music sections are brought up, and those little images too, and when I have the gear, I will then start working on the comic strip daily. This means that I will have a new comic every day (unless I feel good enough to make more than one). This, then, will be the actual main focus of my site. Everything else is just something on the side. But for now, everything else is all we got. So enjoy it while it's here!

10/15/2002 (Post 1)

It is midnight where I live, and I am very sleeeeeeepy... instead of taking a well deserved break, I worked even harder. I just added a bunch of ROMs to the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), the GB (Game Boy), and the GB Color (Game Boy Color) sections. There are too many ROMs for me to mention now. All I can tell you is that they all are Goemon games (except for two; one is a Gradius game and the other is an Ackman game). Anyway, these ROMs are very rare. I hope you enjoy them. I tested the links and they work fine for me. I hope the same happens with you. Now, I am off to bed!

10/14/2002 (Post 2)

Well... I just added... THE GAME BOY AND GAME BOY COLOR MUSIC SECTION!!! It was a lot of work, but I managed to pull it off... I am very tired at the moment... I worked my head off... I didn't even feel that well today. Anyway, I tested everything, and it all works... at least for me. Ummm... well, that's it for now. The other things I've updated aren't as important. I just corrected a spelling error on one of my ROMs (which could have resulted in a broken link) and... ummm... I dumped more news in that place. Well, time now for me to take a well deserved break!!!

10/14/2002 (Post 1)

Well, today is... Monday, the beginning of the work week... where you need to start working once again... *points to himself...* Yeah, I need to work more on the music section today. Well, sit tight and I will see if I can bring up another section today, or get close to doing so.

10/13/2002 (Post 3)

I just added... NINTENDO MUSIC!!! Oh yes!!! It's all for you! It took me a while, but I finally got it done. Well, enjoy! And report anything that seems wrong (like a broken link, missing file, misplaced file, etc...). Wow, that was no easy task...

10/13/2002 (Post 2)

I changed few things around the site... not like anyone would notice anyway. I added a new ROM. It is for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). The name of the ROM is "Dr. Mario!" Yay!

10/13/2002 (Post 1)

Today.... is Sunday!!! It's a grand day, just like Saturday, only it's a bit more relaxing. I... woke up rather late again today. I have been doing that for almost a week now. But who cares, right? It's not like people actually go to this website... yesterday, I went over to my cousin's house. We didn't do much. I just fixed a problem he had on his system and he pointed out a stupid mistake I made on the site, which I just now corrected. Not like anyone really cares, though. I am planning to get done with the music section before the two other sections. I just have been rather lazy these past few days... oh well, I am sure it will all get done soon enough. There is still plenty to do on the site, so DO IT!

10/12/2002 (Post 3)

Well... today is Saturday! And... that's great for some unknown reason. Umm... no updates for now. I suggest you all search through my "Older News and Updates" section to see if you missed anything, which I am sure you did. I might try to do more of the music section today. I might. Well, that's it for now. Nothing much really to report. Just enjoy the site!

10/12/2002 (Post 2)

I am sooooo tired... it is 1:30 AM where I live. Well, I just added two more Ranma games... I don't feel like saying what they are... I am toooooooo tired. I must... go... to... sleep. Well, 'til the next update...

10/12/2002 (Post 1)

Ughhh... I added a new ROM... it is for the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) and its name is "Ranma 1/2: Treasure of the Red Cat Gang." Well, enjoy downloading it. It is a very hard-to-find ROM and it looks very good. It's very interesting; I suggest you all try it. Well... back to... doing things!

10/11/2002 (Post 5)

I just changed a few things on the site. Nothing major, really. I just made the front page look slightly better by altering the legal disclaimer (which you all need to read... for some reason), and I fixed some of the code on all my other pages. Like I said, nothing major. You should all expect the other sections of music to come much later. So, until then, enjoy what's there.

10/11/2002 (Post 4)

I just... did something... really good... I... put... up... the... SUPER NINTENDO MUSIC SECTION!!! It's got lots of music to download. The other music sections will take lots of time, as I won't do them in such a hurry. Well, enjoy! Also, if any of the links don't work or you find anything wrong, then please contact me. Well, time to take a well deserved rest...

10/11/2002 (Post 3)

My next target is the Super Nintendo music section, as I already completed it. All I really need to do is make the page, upload everything, and make sure everything works. This, of course, will take a lot longer than the Sega Genesis music section. The actual reason is because Super Nintendo just has better music and more of it. All the other sections will take longer, as I haven't even completed some of them. I haven't even started on some of them. Well, wish me luck. This won't be easy...

10/11/2002 (Post 2)

I just added all of my... SEGA GENESIS MUSIC!!!! So go check it out. I will add my other music later. I just added this one in a hurry since it was completed first. It is also the smallest one, meaning it is the easiest one, as well. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Have fun! I will work on the rest of the music...

10/11/2002 (Post 1)

Today... is Friday (I think), and that means... tomorrow is Saturday, which is good! Well, on to the updates... today I added a legal disclaimer. Why? Because, everyone needs a legal disclaimer... they just do! Anyway, I am working on the music section still... I am thinking of bringing up some music today. I will try to bring up some music today...

10/10/2002 (Post 2)

While looking for music, I stumbled around GameFAQs to check and see what's up on their forums, and would you know it? My 100 karma account got deleted for no absolute reason! This, as you guessed it, upsets me. It threw me off the edge. I now, officially, hate GameFAQs. You all should, too. Why? Because I command you! I am thinking of putting my own forums around here... maybe. I'm not 100% sure. Anyway, I am still working on the music section. As you have noticed once again, I have dumped more news into my hidden section that you can all see on the front page...

10/10/2002 (Post 1)

I added two more ROMs yet again! They are both for the Sega Genesis. The names are "Shining Force" and "Shining Force 2." Also, I am still working on the music section.

10/09/2002 (Post 9)

Darn it; I keep finding these new ROMs to put up on my site :). Well, it is good news for you. I found yet ANOTHER two ROMs for the NES (you know what it is). And the names are "Kid Icarus" and "Bubble Bobble." Well.... time... to... work... again!

10/09/2002 (Post 8)

I just added another NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) ROM. This time it is called "Ice Climber."

10/09/2002 (Post 7)

Again, while doing more with the music section, I remembered to add two more new ROMs. Both of these ROMs are for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). The ROM names are "Gradius" and "Gradius 2." Well... back to work for me... yet again.

10/09/2002 (Post 6)

I also updated the links section, as one of the sites changed its address. That is it for now... yeah, I am also working on the music section...

10/09/2002 (Post 5)

I added a newer version of the emulator named "Wgens." That's about it for now. Oh, yeah; I dumped my news into that... place... yeah.

10/09/2002 (Post 4)

While I was getting ready to put up some music, I found another ROM I forgot to put up. It is for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and its name is "Clu Clu Land." Well, enjoy! Yeah... I know... the music section...

10/09/2002 (Post 3)

I added all the empty music sections... now I just need to add some music, hehe. I won't add all of the music, mainly because not all of it is ready. And it would take an extremely long time to get all of it ready. So, in the meantime, I will just add one section at a time. Ummm... back to work for me... again...

10/09/2002 (Post 2)

I remade how the music section looks (it's not too different) and added few more empty sections that are connected to the music section. No music yet... I am thinking of putting some up now, and putting the others up later, which I will do soon.

10/09/2002 (Post 1)

I added two ROMs today. One for NES (Nintendo) and one for Sega Genesis. They are "Wario's Woods" and "Wonder Boy in Monster World." I am also working hard on the music section.

10/08/2002 (Post 2)

I just added a little more to the links section and I got a little more done with the music section. And... I dumped more news into my hidden "Older News and Updates" section. Okay, time for me to work on the music section again...

10/08/2002 (Post 1)

Today, I woke up rather late again... not only that, but I also have to go out for a bit. So updates will be a bit slower today. In short: the music section will not get updated much today. Hmmm... what else... ummm... ohh yeah! My host hasn't deleted anything, which is good, but rather meaningless, as one of my friends would say. Also, I gave a call to my friend yesterday to see when he can come over and fix my OS, and he said when he has time... which might be this week, next week, or the week after that. I don't think it will be any longer than that, though. Heh, I have noticed that my stat counter has counted that "9" people have visited my site! Oh, happy days :). Right, the music section. Well... I have gotten through a lot, but I still need to get through lots more. Like I said before, the more I get through, the bigger it looks. I will finish the music section, so don't worry.

10/07/2002 (Post 2)

Good news for all of you!!! No, I haven't gotten the music section ready yet (I got very far, though); I put up some new NES (Nintendo) ROMs! So go check it out and see if ya like them. Also, my host still hasn't deleted anything, which is great. And... three actual people visited my site! Isn't that dandy? Wow! Well, maybe it was more, but I kept resetting my stat counter, since it had problems before. Things are going good so far. I am going to call my friend today to see if he can fix my OS, so I can host the site on my actual computer. If everything goes well, I will have a backup of my site! So, if my host DOES delete something, I have my backup. Well, time now to work on the music section!

10/07/2002 (Post 1)

I got some more done yesterday, and I will try to work hard today, as well. The music section is going to be as big, and maybe bigger, than the actual ROM section, which is why it is taking so much time. I think my host still didn't delete anything... which is good news. Also, as you may have noticed, I dumped even more news and updates into the "Older News and Updates" section. I woke up rather late today... around 10:00 AM. Not as late as usual, but later than I want... anyway, I hope I can get more done today.

10/06/2002 (Post 2)

Ummm.... I did a little more with the music section. The more I advance with it, the bigger it looks... like I said before, and will always say, it will take some serious time to put up the music section. But once it is done, this site will actually be a ROM and music site, since both sections are so large. I might have to make more than one section just for the music. I might even have to add that letter thing at the top, since it's so big. Also, the day is nearing when I finally get what I need to start making the comic, but first, I need to get the music section going. That will by my primary goal for now, as this is the second biggest section. On a little side note: Xoom still hasn't deleted anything... I think. I really hope it will stay like this forever... well, I need to get back to work once again...

10/06/2002 (Post 1)

Today is Sunday, and I woke up very late... at 12:00 PM to be exact. I still feel rather good... I'll try to work more on the music section today. Remember, the reason why it's taking so long is because it's so big. It will eventually get done, so don't worry. Everything is under control... also, my host STILL didn't delete anything, which is very good indeed. Hopefully, it will stay like that... yeah, I know I said that before... I am just saying it again... no reason at all. Well, back to work on the music section for me!

10/05/2002 (Post 4)

Well, that's a wrap. I am done for today. And I will try to work even harder tomorrow to try and bring up the music section as fast as I can. Hey, I have to do things in my life too, you know :). But I love my site and everybody who visits it (if anyone ever does), so I will do my best. Sorry if this sounded a bit strange... but that sort of thing happens to you after watching a grand movie, eh? Hehe. I'll try to do a few things tonight. Also, you may have noticed that I dumped some more news into the "Older News and Updates" section, so the front page doesn't look too... large. Well, 'til the next update!

10/05/2002 (Post 3)

I got a little more done... if I keep this up, I might actually have the music section ready in a few days. Now, you're probably wondering "why does it take you so long to put up the music section?! It only took you two sleepless nights for the SNES ROMs, so another two sleepless nights or three shall work for the music as well... right?!" Wrong. The music section is a lot bigger. It's bigger than all the ROM sections combined. Heck, it might even be bigger than the actual site itself. So it is taking a while to do all this. I also don't feel like having sleepless nights at the moment. The reason why I worked harder on the SNES ROMs was because I had nothing to offer on the site. Now, I do. I not only have stuff to offer on my site, but I have quite a few things. So, the music section will take some time. Once I am done with the music and image section, I might reveal some of my plans for later... mwahaha! So, keep downloading stuff! Also, on a side note, my host still hasn't deleted anything, I think... so that's good news!

10/05/2002 (Post 2)

Today was a great day. My cousin came over and we had fun playing some old school Mario games. I also showed him my site, Star Fox Adventures, Animal Crossing, and some really weird Goemon games. Anyway, I will get back to work now... so ummm.... yeah, I'm getting back to work. I'll try once more to finish more of the music section. I won't put it up until it's completely ready, which will take a loooong time. Like I said before, you all have my ROMs to download now. So, enjoy!

10/05/2002 (Post 1)

Well... it's Saturday and I woke up early today, so you could say I feel good... very good indeed. I still don't think my host deleted anything... yet. Anyway, I really hope that nothing gets deleted. Only time will tell. The update I am going to try to do today is the music section. I have a lot of work ahead of me... so I might not be able to update the site today with the music section, as it will take a lot of work. I am going to try and enjoy life a little more. Meaning the update might get done MUCH later. You have your ROMs to download, so I don't need to update the site daily anymore. Plus, I still haven't got what I need to make the comics (which will be my main focus). Well... enjoy what I have to offer until then! If you have any questions, just go to the "contact me" section...

10/04/2002 (Post 3)

Wow... I have done some work today! Updating this site sure does take a lot of energy... anywho, I've added some Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulators and I have transported some more news and updates into my "Older News and Updates" section. So everything is working out fine so far. I really hope my host doesn't delete anything...

10/04/2002 (Post 2)

I've added some Game Boy and Game Boy Color ROMs!!! I also changed the section's name a bit. Now I will try and focus on the music and image section, but these will take more time. So, don't expect it to be updated quickly. Well, that's it for now...

10/04/2002 (Post 1)

Today I woke up at 12:00 PM... that's very late indeed. That doesn't give me too much time to update today. Anyway, I will try to put up links for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color ROMs today... also, I will make a big speech after that update.

10/03/2002 (Post 3)

Well.... it's very late where I live... almost 12:00 AM. I had a good semi-vacation for today :). Believe it or not, this site takes up some energy, especially when I have so many other things to do. Anyway, I will try to put links up for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color ROMs.

10/03/2002 (Post 2)

Good news! My connection seems to have gotten back to normal! Also, my host still didn't delete anything (I think/hope...). Anyway, I have uploaded all the Game Boy and Game Boy Color ROMs. I just need to make links for them in their respective sections. All is well and hopefully it will stay like that...

10/03/2002 (Post 1)

I have added some more blank sections, which I will actually add stuff to very soon... only problem is that today, for some odd reason, my connection is extremely unstable. And it is very difficult for me to update the site like this. So, if this doesn't get better soon, I will leave the rest of the updating for tomorrow. Oh, by the way, my host still didn't delete anything... (at least I think). So, that's rather good news indeed.

10/02/2002 (Post 6)

Hmm... so far, Xoom (the Italian one) didn't delete anything. Hopefully it will stay like that forever. Anyway, today I just organized the Super Nintendo ROM section a bit more, so it will be easier to navigate in.

10/02/2002 (Post 5)

I have added the "Older News and Updates" section so that the front page doesn't look too... big. Anyway, go there to have a blast from the past! Hehe.

10/02/2002 (Post 4)

I've added some more Nintendo emulators. Not too many. Just a few more. Wow, a lot of updates today. Heh.

10/02/2002 (Post 3)

More good news... I've added... NINTENDO ROMS! And a few more emulators. I also added a "contact me" section. Also, Xoom still hasn't deleted anything... from what I can see. Hopefully it will stay like that. Well, I am going to try to update many more things! So stay tuned!

10/02/2002 (Post 2)

Well... I added some... SEGA GENESIS ROMS! Ohhh yeah! Anyway, I didn't add much, but it's good for a start. Plus there's those Super Nintendo ROMs that took me two sleepless nights to put up... I plan to add more ROMs, but for now, the ones that are there are good enough. I need to work on other sections. The emulator sections are my next target. Everything is going fine so far. Heh... hopefully it will stay like this and get better. Hopefully... hopefully...

10/02/2002 (Post 1)

Well... good news! My new host allows ROMs! I didn't understand it, so I thought it wasn't allowing ROMs. However, we are not completely in the clear; they can still delete my stuff or something (not sure... they are Italian and I have no knowledge of that language). Anyway, all my Super Nintendo ROMs have been uploaded, linked, and tested. So enjoy downloading them!

10/01/2002 (Post 3)

Sorry I got everyone's hopes up with my new host... though it's better than all the others, it doesn't allow ROMs and who knows what else. So all the uploading I have done was for nothing... nothing. Few hours of uploading for nothing... I tell you... this is not good stuff. Well, the only hope I have now is my friend coming over to set my OS right so that I can host the site on my own. Sorry the update was so... sad (like anyone even knows this website exists...).

10/01/2002 (Post 2)

Great news, everyone!!! I finally found a good host!!! A great host, in fact! Now we can finally get us some ROMs! I have uploaded all my Super Nintendo ROMs. Now I just have to make links for them on the site... anyway, you could say 50% of phase one is done. Hehe, also, if you haven't noticed, this is the second update today. Hehe.

10/01/2002 (Post 1)

Well... it's a new month today! And I'm having my expert friend come over this weekend to try and install this program I need to host my website... if all goes well, we will have many things to download... ROMs, of course, is the first thing we need. I'll update again later.

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