There's good news and bad news again. The good news? There is a 1% chance I'm going to be able to get what I need to host this website. The bad news, you ask? It's only a 1% chance, meaning if it does happen, it'll be a miracle. Stay tuned until next time!


Hmmm... once again, sorry for the lack of updates (again, as if anyone is reading all this...), but I am having trouble finding a GOOD host. So I gave up... and then, I got a good idea. Why not host it on my computer? I mean, it's always on, it's got a VERY good connection; this is practically the best thing for me. I ran into one problem, though... I need a special program for this. I also need to update my OS for this program, but I'm having trouble doing that. So I'm going to contact a friend tomorrow who can help me. If all goes well, we will have MANY things to download!


Sorry for the lack of updates (like anyone even knows this website exists...), but I really lost motivation to work on the site after what happened last time... anyway, I just made things look slightly prettier. Also, I still haven't found a better host, but I can't give up! I must keep going... I know somehow, someway, I can do it! Hehe...


Well... there is good news and bad news. The good news is that I finally found a host, so you can actually read all these updates! The bad news is... this host doesn't allow ROMs. I plan to find another host later that does allow ROMs. Until that time, I'll work on the music, image, and comic sections. I might, anyway. Not having any ROMs bummed me out real bad... also, this host is very difficult to use...


Hmmm... it's around 2:00 AM where I live. I'm sort of bored and am making some corrections to the grammar and coding of the site. I still haven't found a host for my site, and... no one is really reading all this stuff I'm writing. Oh well, I'll find a host... I hope...


Well... I've pretty much made the skeleton of my site. All I really need now is a host, so I can start uploading the ROMs... and someone can finally read these updates... hehe...


I am building the foundation of my site. Basically, you could say I'm making its skeleton. I'll add its body a bit later (by body I mean colors and little features). Soon, we will have some ROMs to download!


Today is my first update. The update? I made the site! That's all you need to know now. Everything else is being developed.

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