This article was published on 01/30/2021.

Q: What does "FAQ" stand for?
A: It stands for "Frequently Asked Questions." It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that out.

Q: Do people actually ask these questions frequently?
A: No, most people are too stupid to ask questions.

Q: Are you going to add more questions here?
A: I might do that. I may also change the current questions. I'll try and keep this thing updated. If I feel like it, that is.

Q: Who are you and where do you live?
A: I'm a human being and I live on planet Earth.

Q: Why do you hate me so much?
A: Because you're an idiot.

Q: Why am I an idiot?
A: That's a fairly good question.

Q: What is your website about?
A: My site that happens to be on the world wide web is primarily about classic or retro video games. I review them and all that. I sometimes review new ones and write game related articles, too. I have lofty plans for this place, just so you know.

Q: Why did you create this website?
A: This website was inspired by an older one called The Cult of Kefka, which was created by a fellow that went by the online alias of RandyGophr. The classic game reviews on that site struck a chord with me and I wanted to do my own. Another similar site that was an inspiration to me was ArchNacho and Tortilla Godzilla's Quality ROMs. After learning basic html from a tutorial on The Cult of Kefka site, I put together my first page. The rest is history.

Q: Why should I visit your site?
A: If you're at all into video games, then I don't see why not. You may even find this place helpful if you're not too familiar with older games.

Q: Will I still like your site even if I don't play video games?
A: I doubt it. I might expand the focus of this site in the future, so perhaps it'll cater to your interests then.

Q: Do you pay for hosting?
A: No, I don't. This site doesn't generate any income, and I'm not going to waste money hosting this thing just so you morons can stare at my text.

Q: Did you design this site yourself?
A: Yes, I did. I continue to tinker with it from time to time.

Q: What do you use to create the graphics on your site?
A: I use Photoshop almost exclusively.

Q: What do you use to code your site?
A: I do all of my coding in Notepad++. Dreamweaver is for chumps.

Q: Why don't you have a comments section?
A: My coding skills aren't good enough to make one, and I refuse to use someone else's code.

Q: How do you score games?
A: I use a percentage system, similar to what American schools use. 90% and above is an A, 80% is a B, 70% is a C, 60% is a D, and everything below is an F. This question gets an F.

Q: Do you complete all games before reviewing them?
A: No, but I do complete most of them. There will be cases where I can't bring myself to finish certain games. In such cases, I'll at least play enough of the game to put out a quality review.

Q: Do you 100% games?
A: It depends on the game, how much I like it, and how much of a tall order it is to get to 100%. In general, if I really like a game and it doesn't take that much longer to get 100%, then I'll go for it. However, in some cases, I won't even go for it on games I like. It just comes down to how time consuming it is to achieve 100%.

Q: Do you take all the screen shots yourself?
A: Yes, I do. I like to keep them consistent in size and quality, as well as being able to control the content within the screen shots.

Q: What do you use to take screen shots?
A: It's a secret to everybody.

Q: I don't like the way you write reviews, or the way you write in general.
A: That's not a question, Einstein.

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