From its inception, Gamers Tavern has been a website dedicated to old school video games. Primarily a retro review site, Gamers Tavern focuses its reviews on classic video games released in the 1980s and 1990s. The site's main objective is to keep old games alive by informing future generations of gaming's greatest classics. Whether nostalgic or simply curious, Gamers Tavern is a good resource for those who are interested in gaming's past.

This website was founded on September 21, 2002, and was officially named Gamers Tavern on March 13, 2003. The first game review was published on September 21, 2003, and the first article was published on April 29, 2007. Gamers Tavern also established a YouTube channel on September 20, 2012, with the first video being uploaded on March 21, 2013. In other words, the site itself is a relic from another era. I hope you enjoy looking through this ancient artifact.